So I was scanning through today’s episodes for the Sam x Jason scenes, and I stopped because ooh Ellie’s back! Wonder why?

So I’m watching her scene with Nathan and jfc Spinelli waxed poetic about Nathan to Ellie:

“Oh, well, when you came to Portland to try to rendezvous with Maxie, Spinelli expounded on your…stunning physique, jewel-toned eyes…”

I swear it’s not even subtext–Spinelli has got it bad for Nathan.


Finally it’s finished. A really quick informational comic about women in games for my Sociology final. So yeah there’s a lotta stuff here. UuU

Special thanks to those who gave their stories for me to use: clouddesu /starryeyed-freak / and the anon

Adam Ellis looks like a rough dude who could drink a bottle of hot sauce in under a minute but in reality he’s a sweet child who’s scared of fnaf and dark rooms

Ironically Michael Jones looks like a sweet ball of sunshine who stops and pets peoples’ dogs but in reality gets paid to scream about video games and gets mad easily and really did drink a bottle of hot sauce in under a minute