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What's one of the things or people who always make you laugh?

This is hard so list time in no particular order.
G.K. Chesterton nearly any paragraph of his wit will have me laughing twice.
Bill Murray in Zombieland or Meatballs.
Rick Mercer from the Mercer Report.
My puppies (who are now 7+ but shush)
Ellielove and Rileypuppy (and Amie!TheSleepyBear) have an ungodly talent for making me laugh when they want too.
Tenchi Muyo (and related)
Anything Middle Earth related, aka Lord of the Rings/Hobbit/Silmarillion/Lost Tales/Unfinished Tales pretty much. 

That’ll do for now :p

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If you could shape shift into any fantasy creature what would it be and why?

I debated this a hell of a lot, you wouldn’t believe how many ideas I threw around in under three minutes.  I know everyone would probably think of something flashy and impressive, oh and powerful.  But, my first and last choice is ironically an Elf, if its an acceptable choice.  The reasoning being to have enough time to try and help the world more to make more of a useful impact. I mean it’d also be cool if as an Elf I could do magic of some form, but mostly the time aspect interests me.  Another thought is the idea that in so many fantasy worlds Elves seem to bare such woe and hardship and still keep going.  Even if they become jaded they seem to still mostly keep a good head on their shoulders and be able to look past it.  Which is something I can admire.  That and an Elf can write still unlike a dragon generally or such. lol

I probably sound boring.

#ellieloves started @180degreesgym 14 day fat furnace. 6.30am daily work outs (outside) and rigid eating plan. Bypassing this really took some strength!

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I know exactly what RP you’re talking about. One of the players followed me (one of the males like why even?) and the RP did a random follow/unfollow and dear god I was so disturbed.

Gosh I am pissed cause they pretty much set the glee populars as the death eaters (minus puck and kitty) and the glee losers as the order of phoenix… Like, man, did we ever watched the same show?

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Yeah this started happening to me too last week. Cause the timestamps on the dash are just fine.

Ellieloveliest!  And, yeah.  The more I am thinking about it, I wonder if its something like how tagged posts too close to day change over seem to receive this odd kind of lag on when they show in the tags, but I am seriously not sure if there’s any connection.  Yep, dash timestamp seems fine here too.

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"Whipped cream or chocolate sauce?" Lucity "Would you prefer lingerie or a collar?" Fraley "I can't stop thinking about your hands on me." HopeTabs "Come sit on my lap." Candonnie "Someone's happy to see me." Quitty "You're so cute I could just eat you up." Liana/Tessa "You look super hot from up here." Belle/Larissa "We can take a quick shower." Larah "What flavour condom do you like?" Luvy "My thighs can be your earmuffs."&"We have time to kill; you know what that means." Any crackship

Some of what follows is NSFW

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