campaignofmadness replied to your photoset:Yay P4 week (*^▽^*)

!!!!!! <333333333333333 terrific!! makes me want to play the games even more XDD

Ahhh ELLIE BB!! It is such a good game ;_; I HAVE YET TO BEAT IT BUT IT’S REALLY GOOD. It was actually recommended to me by a classmate a long time ago lol. It’s a pretty punishing rpg though o.o I am such a grinder when it comes to games and this game kicks my ass regularly xD;;; (If the main character dies you get Game over) but all the personasss and all the girlfriendsss/boyfriendsss

Ahaha I could never hate you Ellie … *HUGSYOUSOTIGHT* so here goes~

1. I have a lot of action figures, like a lot. So many that I haven’t seen some for years cause I’ve moved several times and there’s just not enough room for all of them in any place I have lived in California. Also some of them, like my DragonBall Z and Gundam Wing ones are still in my closet at my parents’ house because I never took them with me when I moved for college and then I started collecting more.

2. Autumn is my favorite season. I think manly because of the colors associated with it but also because I love pumpkins and other types of squash :D

3. I’m mostly vegetarian. My husbandis vegetarian (with the exception of fish) and I don’t eat meat very often except for fish and less often chicken.

4. I drink a lot of tea. We have a lot of loose leaf tea at the house and we go out for milk tea a couple times a week. It’s the only thing I can drink besides water! I’m not that into beer, wine or soda. I do drink coffee pretty much every week but it’s much less often than tea. Sometimes I’ll get an Italian soda or something but it’s so hard for me to drink soda anymore since I basically lived on it until I moved out of my parents’ house.

5. I’ve just finished the first book in the Game of Thrones series :D I really want to do some fanart of the characters but ugh I have so many other things I should be doing.