ok I said I wouldn’t make a post on this but im going to. This really upsets me. I hate seeing him like this. We all know his body dis morphia problems have been going on a while. For example how he always gets rated the least good looking by his OWN members. (The last time it happened he looked all ready eyed, knew he was gunna be last again so he went into the corner and he obviously felt uncomfortable. It also annoys me that the boys know him better than anyone, and yet they still didn’t back off.) and also in AHL when they asked “who’s hungry?” And Jimin hesitated to raise his hand and in the he end didn’t. Jin has also mentioned that Jimin works too hard and is worried. There is also another time when at the start of this year, he said he’d ‘try and improve his looks.’ When there is nothing to improve and we all think he’s perfect the way he is. I can’t do much about this, and it upsets me so much that I can’t reassure him and make him feel happy but us as an army can. So, on Twitter, im going to use the hashtag ’#ParkJiminYouArePerfect’ just like it’s been done for the other boys. SO SPREAD THE WORD GUYS! I think it would help a lot more if all the A.R.M.Y’s came together and helped, to let this boy know that we love and care about him, that he doesn’t need to always be trying to change himself :)