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Saint's Row 4 looks like a long DLC to 3. What's so different about it? I'm just asking. I'm not trying to say it's bad or anything. Haven't played it, so I kinda wanna know before/if I buy it.

what they did is they took what was going to be a standalone expansion to 3, and expanded greatly on it, making it 4. they had so many ideas that they wanted to do with Enter The Dominatrix, that they decided to scrap that idea and go with a whole new retail release

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So you hate them? I’m just wondering.

yeah basically

like i wont bag on anyone for liking them (as much as the post insinuates i will), but i just cant stand them

for instance, michael makes a ton of those rage quit videos for xbox games where he basically yells the whole time while playing the game, yet when he did one for a ps3 game (resistance 3, in this instance), he screamed like a fucking child at the goddamn update screen (which arent that bad, let me tell you, and xbox has them too) FOR THE ENTIRETY OF THE VIDEO, HE NEVER GAVE THE GAME A CHANCE, idk why, but this pisses me off the most

maybe it’s due to what console i prefer? probably, but still i just dont get them at all