elizabethelectrikk said:

It doesn't matter if some dyes are safe or not. No point risking it while you're pregnant. I'd be putting money towards my childs college fund and diapers, not hair dye. Ignore the haters :)

it’s not because of the money but yes it’s risk an unnecessary one but still one and not dying your hair for 9 months maybe sucks but is nothing bad

3 Confessions.

- A lot of people don’t like me because they think I’m weird. They can’t accept anything that’s unconventional. Everyone thinks that I’m crazy because I love bloodplay, corpses, bondage, and body modifications. They also don’t like me because I speak my mind too freely. Shocker, eh?

- I can’t figure out what I want or who I want it with. I do not like sex with guys. But, I don’t mind dating them because they’re easily controlled. I love sex with girls. But, I can’t bring myself to trust them because I know how shady girls can be. So I just use them for sex and then never speak to them again. I’m extremely talented when it comes to getting girls to sleep with me. I know, its not right. I guess I’m insecure? 

- I often worry about physically hurting people that I care about. But, as I think about it I also know that its wrong and that I wouldn’t actually do it or want to do it. Still, the fact that I even think about it scares the shit out of me. I get paranoid and obsess over it. I keep thinking “what if I black out or something and hurt someone?

Maybe I am crazy.