elizabeth317 asked:

YOU WATCH TEEN WOLF!! WHATTTTTTTTTT how come I never knew this???

oh man, I love that show. Been watching since season 1. Actually, this week I went back and rewatched every single episode in order. We should have a watch party sometime!!!

First Follow Friday(:

So this is my first Follow Friday so it’s nothing fancy just the links(:

elizabeth317 <– BFF Person who introduced me to hockey(: 

And I love you for it!

becauseiknewyou95 <–BFF My glee obsessed friend. Who has to sit with one of my other friends who hate glee in math. Im sorry! you can still talk to me though(: Im still there so no worries!

mylifebelikeoooh-aah <– Tumblr BFF first directioner I learned that is in my area and whom I talk to a lot(:

rawrblah <–BFF in whom I introduced to 1D. haha I love you mary!

gleekface <– Person I learned 1D from(: so a big:

to you(:

catchmeifyoucan94- one of my BFF’s and I also introduced her to 1D. 

firesstartinginmyheart- Doesnt really use her tumblr that much! lol except for that 1 spongebob thing..but I love her anyways! You gotta start using your tumblr Katie! Oh and sorry for all the Hockey and 1D posts on your dash(;

sheepasaur- BFF who is really cool(: Love yah lisa

loveisintheair558- my BFF that I miss very much and dont see at all anymore:/

So there yah have it folks my 1st follow friday(:

elizabeth317 asked:

This is payback!!!! Forwards (Skinner, RNH, Landeskog) Defense ( Girardi, Seabrook, Letang) and goalies ( Lundqvist, Price, Thomas) like the same as mine but still. CHOOSE!!!

Hahaha. wow k. dang it.


F: RNH just cuz he looks too innocent(: 

M: Skinner 

K: Landy..which i really dont wanna do! 

Defense: omg really….haha THANKS SO MUCH! (sense my sarcasm there?)

F: Letang

M: Seabs..haha I wish

K: Girardi. dang 


F: Price

M: Lundqvist

K: Thomas

K happy now? lol haha

elizabeth317 asked:

Kristie!!! So Im really really mad I never talk to you and i never see you. We should change that ASAP. Bye! Love ya! and ur blog!

so i saw this on my ipad but i didnt wanna type on there so then i forgot to respond. sorry!

  1. i love you too!
  2. it is so incredibly annoying that i havent seen your face in forever
  3. but i saw it today at lunch. so now we will have b days to bond again
  4. i love your blog
  5. but i love you more
  6. have a lovely evening!