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ISTJ and ENTJ friendship?

The Blacklist.

Red is an ENTJ. Brilliant man, always intuitively sensing the truth even without evidence, and planning far ahead in ways that outsmart everyone competing with him. He has a very visible Te-dominance, in his ability to think extremely fast on his feet and his habitual need to talk all the time. He is forever talking about things … recalling past experiences that reveal his high Se-tendency for over-indulgence, opportunism, and intense drive (affairs he has had, trips to the Congo, etc). It drives him nuts if he can’t figure out who is after him, and their reasons why, because he’s so used to “seeing” everything.

He knows that Liz is going to find out the truth about someone in her life, and spends an entire week building a music box to play her childhood tune, which he knows will comfort her. When is it finished? The same day she’s hit with the brutal truth. It’s waiting for her, to comfort her. He just … knew when she would need it, and made sure it was there. That’s Ni. More than his insights into everyone else, his long term planning, his mysterious, cryptic end game.

She’s the ISTJ. By comparison to Red, she’s short-sighted. Doesn’t see patterns at first until she has had time to think about them and construct a view of the larger picture. She’s very good at it, but it takes work on her part (low Ne). Solid, structured, approaches situations desiring firm strongholds, and details to help her make decisions. Is torn between her desire for a more traditional life (to be a wife and mother) and her drive to succeed (Si and Te waging war with each other). She is also far, far more in touch with her emotions and sometimes even driven by them, much to his annoyance. They come to the surface more often with her. She uses them to make decisions more often. She handles them better.

They make an interesting team. Their shared Te/Fi helps them bond in some ways and softens the HUGE gap between Ni/Se and Si/Ne. There’s a few romantic undercurrents at times, but I’m not sure how this pairing would work, romantically. Ni/Se would be continually seeking novelty and devaluing the past and Si/Ne would be less reckless and more inclined to want stability.

The red curtains with the light shining through is one of my favorite shots. 

Early season 1 Liz was my absolute favorite because she was so aware of herself. She knew exactly why she wanted to adopt and why she was so strong as a profiler and she had this huge potential to not need anything else except herself and her abilities, and then they just ripped all of that away from her. 

They’re playing push-pull with her character and it makes me so sad. I wish they would have stuck with the Liz goes dark after everything that happened to her, having her keep Tom/Jacob hostage could have been such a fantastic step towards her becoming vicious on her own accord. She was keeping that from Red, she was doing it on her own. It had nothing to do with Red’s influence on her, and then they just kind of tossed it out the window and had her sleep with Jacob in this romantic type setting like OH WE STILL HAVE FEELINGS FOR EACH OTHER, but no they don’t. I could have understood an angry sex scene, i could have appreciated it, because it could have just been a physical vent, she was framed, she was running, she had held this man hostage and he had used her as a human fucking shield, manipulated her entire life and she needed somewhere to throw that anger. 

We’ve been told time and time again that Red is a bad man, that Jacob is a bad man and after the finale I almost want Liz to stop being the good guy, for her to be allowed to release all the resentment and anger she has, in maybe a not so constructive way. 

The writing on this show upsets me so much idk,


Red & Lizzie || I wanna run with you.

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The Blacklist: Elizabeth Keen [ISTJ]

OFFICIAL TYPING by Charity / the mod.

Introverted Sensing (Si): Liz comes into her new job armed with a ton of information about criminal profiling and psychology, which she applies to figuring out the nuances of her case files. Her past weighs heavily on her, and she is strongly sentimental about it (keeping a burned teddy bear from the fire that killed her dad; experiencing a wave of emotion when thinking about his death after Red builds her a music box that plays the tune her dad used to sing to her, etc). She is very detail-oriented in her job, and trusts her own experiences over anyone else’s (“I know him”).

Extroverted Thinking (Te): She doesn’t hesitate to take charge of a situation when she sees it going south, and assert herself by issuing orders. It is hinted by her husband that Liz cares more about her job and being successful than she does about their home life. She frequently puts personal stuff on the back burner because she’s deeply invested in a case; Tom actually doesn’t expect her to keep some of her commitments, because she always calls and cancels in favor of work. Liz often makes tactical decisions that benefit whatever outcome she is striving for, regardless of how her superiors feel about them. She also finds it easier to make connections and to think when she creates a murder board, where she can SEE everything at once and “think aloud.” 

Introverted Feeling (Fi): She makes decisions based on how she feels about them, more than how others feel about them (being uncertain about Tom makes her back out of adopting a child, even though it’s what he wants; though he is upset with her for constantly backing out of commitments, Liz continues to put her job, the thing she cares about most, first). Liz is prone to acting on her feelings, sometimes to her determent when she’s extremely emotional (blowing surveillance in the process). She is very upset when others betray her and often turns that pain into a desire for revenge, which allows her the ability to use torture to get what she wants.

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): Liz figures out some of the nuances of Red’s plan, connecting all the case files into a single larger picture that allows a pattern to emerge and give her insight. She is good at coming up with theories and sensing the truth, or something close to it (her guesses about Red are not always right, but rarely far wrong). However, she is not especially good at this offhand; it takes her time and concentration, and she is completely blindsided by events on a regular basis. She has no suspicions about her husband and refuses to believe Red’s hints about him until very late in the game.

Note: RETYPED. I can confuse ISTJs and ISFJs when the ISTJ is particularly emotional, as is the case with Liz. She’s outwardly emotional in a way I don’t often expect from ISTJ characters, but all her feelings are independent of the people around her, which makes her Fi. Sorry about the earlier mistype.

Count to Three... Chapter 2

An addition to the last Keenler thing I wrote. There will be at least one more chapter. It was going to be longer but then I got tired, so this is all you get tonight:) ao3

Liz lay on the floor of an abandoned warehouse, her sleeping bag stretched out a few feet away from Reddington’s. It was early morning, she suspected. The light filtering through the glassless window in the wall in front of her was mildly blue, just a hint of something other than starlight. She lay on her side, her back to Reddington to conceal her face, though she had long since stopped crying. Nevertheless, sleep had mostly evaded her, and as the sky lighted up, she couldn’t wait for Reddington to wake so that they could get as far away from this city as possible. Perhaps once they left behind the site of Liz’s last Ressler sighting, she would be able to breathe normally again.

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