elitefourkoga-deactivated201111 asked:

Falkner, please do not be rude to my lovely daughter.
That Venipede was a gift to Anzu from me, and I don't believe a Pidgeotto would be able to devour an 8 foot long poisonous insect.
Please be more courteous to Janine and Whitney. Your father would not enjoy seeing such distastefulness.

Hmm, as nice as it is to see a father being courteous, I suggest you reign in your daughter, she is the one who starts our arguments. And likewise, the Pokémon she brutally insults were the ones my dad left me, they are all I have to remember him while he is gone (Which has been over a decade now).

And again, my dad would stand up to such insults. I’m merely trying to live as he does.