Today kicks off the first ever Key Club International Eliminate Project week! Our goal is to advocate and fundraise for The Eliminate Project, in which Kiwanis International and UNICEF have joined forces in order to eliminate Maternal/Neonatal Tetanus (MNT), a completely preventable disease spread through spores in the soil and only effects the poorest countries on our planet. Every 9 minutes a child dies of this disease, but not before suffering from extreme convulsions and sensitivity to light and touch. But with the help of the entire Kiwanis International family, we will raise $110 million by 2015 in order to save the lives of 61 million people. All it takes is $1.80. That is the amount it costs to vaccinate one mother and all of her future children. Educate yourself by visiting for more information and great ways to fundraise!

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Wed/Bed/Behead: Forkanna, EthanTheRenegade, Rufus

Wed: Forkanna (I’m not into her that way but I feel like, for my side anyway, it’d be a nice arrangement B | )

Bed: Rufus (She is so effing flirty lol she could seduce anyone she wanted

Behead: ETHAN DON’T KILL ME IT WAS PORCESS OF ELIMINTION wait that doesn’t sound right…

Dal Khalsa UK Statement On Ban On Kaum De Heere In India

Dal Khalsa UK condemns the actions of the World’s so called largest democracy,Hindutva India in it’s banning of the historical Sikh Panjabi film ‘KAUM DE HEERE’.

The film which depicts the story of the the three Mahan Shaheeds who eliminted the tyrant Indira Gandhi from her Genocidal attack on Sri Harmandar Sahib Shaheed Bhai Beant Singh Ji,Shaheed Bhai Satwant Singh Ji & Shaheed Bhai Kehar Singh Ji,was banned by the Union Home Ministry 24 hours before it’s release across the Sikh Homeland - Panjab & in India.

Kaum De Heere was recieved very well by Sikhs across the World and was a super hit film in the 

United Kingdom,Europe,North America,Austrailia & New Zealand.At times Cinemas had to extend showings for the film for days on end and even weeks due to the huge demand from the Sikh Sangat.

Raj Kakra the lead star was honoured by Dal Khalsa UK & many other Gurdwaras & Sikh organisations when he came to promote the film.

The Hindutva Indian State now lead by the Modi Government (which wants to implement Hindutva) says the film is a threat to communal harmony & law & order.When it comes to law & order their was no communal disharmony or threat to peace in the UK or other placse where the film was shsown so why would their be in Panjab or India.

BJP leader Laxshmi Kant Chawla a truly anti Sikh woman has continued to spew venom against Shaheed Bhai Beant Singh Ji,Shaheed Bhai Satwant Singh Ji & Shaheed Bhai Kehar Singh Ji by calling them traitors,she has done this even though Sri Akal Takht Sahib & Sikhs Worldover have given these Sikhs the honour of being Mahan Shaheeds - Kaum De Heere.

Laxshmi Kant Chawla has always been at the forefront of making anti Sikh statements,hurting the sentiments of Sikhs.The Congress party is not far behind with many leaders including Captain Amrinder the so called Panjab Youth Congress  Vikramjit Chaudhary
 calling for an outright ban.

The producers of the film & actors Raj Kakra,Sukhdeep Singh Sukh & Isha Sharma in the last few weeks toured Panjab to promote the film,and made it very clear that the film was fact based & was made from researching documents from 1984 & from speaking to the family of the Shaheeds.

It is ironic that in a so called democracy Sikhs do not have the right to showcase their glorious history on film,whereas films which hurt Sikh sentiments are given the green light on every occasion.

For the first time the Western Media such as Sky News,BBC News,New York times & other media outlets have covered such as story relating to Sikhs.We welcome this move which exposes India’s false democracy which has double standards when it comes the Sikhs.The Indian media & leader are now making outrageous statements that so called foreign terrorist organisations funded the movie and so on.These claims are all lies and have no basis as Western Governments had no issue showing or passing the film,and the Canadian Government even asked the producers for the rights to the film so it could be shown on television in Canada.

As of now it does not seem that the Hindutva Indian State will allow the film to be released & we hope that very soon DVD’s of the movie are made and legally purchased by those who wish to see the film so that the hard work of all those involved in making KAUM DE HEERE pays off.We thank all those who people who have supported this Movie from the start and are still doing so,as Sikhs we all have to play a part in preserving our glorious history.

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Yoga Pose of the Day: Camel Pose



-Reduces fat on thighs

-Opens up the hips and stretches the deep hip flexors

-Stretches and strengthens the shoulders and back

-Expands the abdominal region, improving digestion and elimintation

-Improves Posture

-Opens up the chest causing improved respiration

-Loosens up the vertebrae

-Relieves lower back pain

-/Helps to heal and balance the chakras

-Strengthens the thighs and arms

-Improves flexibility, especially in the spine

-Stimulates the endocrine glands

-Releases tension in the ovaries

-Stretches the ankles, thighs, groin, abdomen, chest, and throat

-Cures constipation

-Tones the organs of the abdomen, pelvis, and the neck

-Complements the overall health and well-being.

Getting into Camel Pose:

-Sit on your knees on your yoga mat, and make sure your knees are hip width apart.

-Place your palms on your hips and try to keep your outer hips as soft as possible. 

-Use your hands to lengthen your back pelvis, and draw the tailbone towards the pubis.  Begin to arc your back on an inhale, and take your hands off of your hips, and slowly place them on the heels of your feet.

-Turn your arms outward so to where the creases of your elbows face forward, and arch your back until your arms are straight.

-Be careful not to strain your neck, or tighten your throat.

-Maintain this posture for 30 seconds to 1 minute.

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So I haven't cut out dairy or meat completely but I eat it very very rarely like meat once a day and dairy less than once a week. I know a lot of people have been saying they see such a transformation when they cut out dairy after only a few days so why don't I see any difference when I don't eat it for a long time?

i mean i don’t necessarily consider eating meat “once a day” to be cut out at all, but I guess we live really different lifestyle. But either way: the effort you put in determines the results you get out. 

Also, I didn’t start noticing results from the detoxification for about a week, and this was from completely elimintating all animal byproducts!