Let it go ~

Never thought I’d reach this point.. I really don’t know how to explain it but it makes me feel still wanting for more, to get farther and farther ‘til I meet my end goal in life, to fulfil my dreams, to dream with and for others.

Arts is my true passion and it frustrated me that my own parents disagrees on it. I forgot about it for several years focusing on the things that they wanted me to be but here I am, found myself again. I’ve realized that obeying parents is good but disobeying them for what you really want to happen in your life is better than fooling yourself that you are happy in such things which were all planned for you.

What am I saying here? It’s never too late to follow your heart. Look at me, I have now my Elihidos family whom I share the same passion and blessed to have in my life. If you’ll look at us first, we’re just like bunch of crazy and wild people but let me tell you this, being this kind of people makes us ELIHIDOS.. and you’ll figure out the reason why if you join us.

Becoming an Elihidos was the best choice I made ‘cuz they sure made an unexpected impact in my life in the most unexpected time.

I am an ELIHIDOS.. still living, growing, and creating with greater purpose.

So what’s your choice? What’s your story? :)

Dahil ang hirap ma-access kahapon ng photo collage maker app ko.. ngayon ko lang to mapo-post. This was supposed to be the #POTD yesterday. LOL. But anyways, better late than never. Haha. Yey! Naging productive man vacay ko dawa sa last day lang. I’m such into meetings. Hahaha. Thanks guys for the great day yesterday. Mehehe :3 #EVOP #Elihidos #meeting #APSA #productive