My Stories - EliCar

EliCar is actually a series of stories of Eli and Carmine, there is however the original EliCar story which started from the Bachelor Challenge and goes on from that. 

Besides Original theres some side stories like University and Pirate AU.

EliCar story -from the start to the recent part 1

Their story started from the Bachelor Challenge which Carmine won. They moved to Eli’s house at Starlight Shores and as newly lovers were happy there. Carmine tended his garden and Eli continued his work at the movies studios, composing music for the movies and acting. 

Eli is my sim and Carmine was made by my darling pixeldemographics

they my OTP forever and there’s no other sim couple that I’d love more that them. 


After they had ate a delicious dinner and watched the show a bit, they decided to leave. Carmine was just closing the door, when Eli wrapped his arm around his neck, turning his head at slightly at the same time. “Thank you. I know you don’t like these places. ” Eli whispered, kissing Carmine.

"It’s nothing, I’ll handle anything as long as I am with you." Carmine smiled. Eli smiled briefly back and kissed Carmine again.