Lyla Lochlan for the Elias Conners Challenge

artistic l clumsy l disciplined l great kisser l virtuoso [LTW: Hit Movie Composer]

Favs: lilac (color), roots (music), waffles (food)

Star Sign: Libra

Being the oldest daughter of two very headstrong men hasn’t always been easy but Lyla has learned to hold her own. Growing up with a large family has also taught her to stay grounded and take things as they come. She’s witnessed her brothers and sister find love and realized it’s something she really wants for herself. More than anything. 


Meet Aurora Jake, my contestant for shapeshifterraven’s Elias Connors Challenge!
Absent Minded, Childish, Clumsy, Shy, Good Sense of Humor
Autumn Salad, Black, and Classical
LTW: Surrounded by Family

I guess there’s no real way to start this, but here goes a try.

I was born and raised down in the clear blue skies of Mis’sipi, drinkin’ tea an’ watchin’ fooseball on the tele. There was never anythin’ like it. Bubba an’ I would sit up all night tryna steal Daddy’s beer and mama would laugh, her wine in hand.
Thanks to Bubba, I din’ have many friends. He was big an’ smelly, and too overprotective. Such a character. I guess that added up to me being “socially-awkward” as ya’ll would say.
Once Bubba went to Goergia for college fooseball, that’s when Daddy and Mama started drinkin’ more. Daddy was drunker than a three-eyed spider on a blue tick dog half the time. So I started stayin’ over Ms. Lady’s with her messa kids. Too many to count, but honey were they dolls.
Ms. Lady always told me that I had somethin’ betta to do with my life. She told me that I should go off an’ meet some handsome boy who would take care of me and treat me like the ‘princess I am.’
But I’m not lookin’ for that. I’m just lookin’ for a boy who can really see the joy in life. A boy who would stare at the skies with me, smellin’ the sweet scent of roses. Someone who would love me and accept my love in return.

Wouldn’ that be great?


Here’s my entry for shapeshifterravens eliasconnorschallenge (too long haha)

Cheyenne Dope

Exictable | Computer Whiz | Hot-Headed | Night Owl | Good sense of humor

Hamburger | Latin Music | Purple

Zodiac Sign

{Before I start- Excuse my english, okk)
Hi there! ^-^ I guess I am a person who someone can easily talk with. I don’t think I am a loner even if I like spending hours in front of my computer in the middle of the night, haha! When I am playing games I easily get mad or happy. Strange isn’t it? But I think everyone knows this feeling. Oh, I have to say I am not a romantic person. I can’t stand romantic films, picnics or a walk at the beach. I am a person who needs laugher. People with a good sense of humor are always welcome! (And people I can play online games with)


Here’s my entry for the Elias Connors Challenge.

  • Name: Katarina Sinclair
  • Astrological sign: Taurus
  • Favorite color: (cobolt) Blue
  • Favorite food: Tri-Tip Steak (I love all foods, but steak is always my favorite.)
  • Favorite music: Songwriter (Something about the creativity of one’s own beautiful words and sound truly speaks to me.)
  • Traits: Brave, Loves the Outdoors, Loves the Cold, Perceptive, Green Thumb

Apologies in advanced if this was not very adequate, but this is my first time ever doing this, so I hope this is not too strange or out of place. My name is Katarina Sinclair, and by no other name shall I be known as. There have been those crafty people who call me Kat or Rina or even Kasi which is the first two letters of my first name and last name. If you wish to call me by any of these you may or if you already have a name for me then I would like to hear it if I ever get to meet you. I live in Appaloosa Plains which is a small town resting on a large farm landscape. There is nothing here for me that would tie me down to stay, but the only reason I continue to live here is of the great outdoors and the snow or just the cold. So you can assume my favorite season is winter. 

Now there is nothing else about me, but to avoid further awkward topics that may come up, I shall tell. I was born without a mother, so that left my dad to raise me. So growing up I was raised almost like a boy, unconsciously of course. Since my dad was the fire chief, I had no time to see him as much as I wanted to. But he would come to all of my concerts and wrestling tournaments as much as he could. But when I was already a grown woman, he had passed away. So I have nothing here that I love, besides my garden. I also must stress that I have an obsession with plant life. I am no tree hugger, I just appreciate the beautiful planet we were given. And my garden is like my many children that I had helped raised into fine strong flora. Do not judge of me of my infatuation with plants.

My friend was the one who convinced me to do this since she says I am rather recalcitrant when it comes to dating and men in general. Oh, and I might have accidently sent out one of the pictures that I made a rather strange face. I was using the timer on the camera and I must have blinked while it took. I hope you choose to ignore that. I wanted to do this as well since, some men I meet find me as a turn off since I maybe a little heavier and muscular than most women. Since she suggested this to me, I thought I had nothing to lose, so I might as well have tried.

This is probably where I draw this to a close. I do hope I can meet you. You seem very nice and I would very much like to get to know you. 


Shayne Todd
for Shapeshifterraven’s Elias Connors challenge.

Shayne wants to be a world renowned surgeon, she’s always wanted to help out, especially with the elderly. She comes from a small country town, but she’s always dreamed big. Her traits are:

  • Friendly
  • Proper
  • Dramatic
  • Good
  • Night Owl

Shayne’s Favourites

  • Aqua
  • Chili con carne
  • Jammin’ to Indie

She is also an Aries, which means she is independent, generous and always looking for the good in any situation she comes upon.