Headcanon that after BOFA Tauriel goes back to Mirkwood with Thranduil and they have a better understanding of each other now and he comes to love her like a daughter and after many years Tauriel falls in love with an elf she meets while out on an adventure and they come back to Thranduil’s halls and they get married and have children and are happy and Thranduil is absolutely thrilled and never lets her elflings out of his sight and spoils them with presents and lets them wear his crowns and Tauriel just lets him do it because it’s precious and Thranduil is finally happy and feels like he has a family again.

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Moi elfling :D 3, 5, 13 ^__^


3. What is your favorite song from the soundtracks?

Here it is! c:

5. If you could live anywhere in Middle-Earth where would you choose?

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13. What would you change about the movies?

Ohh there is that one thing. I WANT GLORFINDEEEEEL BBY WHERE WHERE YOU AAAHHH (i guess you can’t have everything)!!!

Kiliel Headcannon

I watched bofta two days ago with the lovely belegurien and my heart has not recover yet…

But…here’s a headcannon for kiliel shippers…I just saw a diy barrel table.

Kíli and Tauriel have a dwarfling/elfling and the two made a baby crib out of a barrel from Mirkwood. 

"tears start coming out again" "i’m so sorry." "my heart…." 


ElvenKing Thranduil (son of Oropher and the father of Legolas)

He had eyes like the stars that shone bright.
His face was unaged and seemed filled with hidden magic and wisdom.

I imagine that when they were kids, Tauriel and Legolas would decorate each other’s hair.

Legolas wanted to be like Thranduil so he asks her to make a crown like his papa’s and in return he would braid flowers and vines in Tauriel’s hair

also Tauriel was taller than him and he’s annoyed by that.

Then they would just doze off somewhere and Thranduil would find them an I sweAR TO GOD it was so much sweeter back then because u know, Thranduil would either carry them or put his coat on them and that kinda stuff.

so yeah

BFF’s forever


I have all the mixed feelings about Celegorm (as I have with most Feanorians) because while he has misbehaved badly (I’m looking at you too, Curufin!), I keep thinking HUAN MUST BE THE CUTEST PET. So I want to see some younger and nicer Celegorm bonding with Huan for no reason but the good feels.

Please don’t talk me about that time that they parted because NO. ;__;