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The Elf on the Shelf A Christmas Tradition with Blue Eyed North Pole

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Brand The Elf on the Shelf
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Here's some of the weird stuff you can buy on Etsy, the Brooklyn company that just had a $3+ billion IPO

Etsy, the online marketplace that specializes in crafts and other artistic items, went public Thursday morning with an opening price valuing it over $3.7 billion.  

One critique of the company leading up to its IPO was that as the site tried to scale, it was losing its unique selection of items that weren’t mass-produced. 

We checked out the site and decided that that is definitely not true. 

You can buy these custom wedding cake toppers for $950.

This creepy little 2-foot tall sculpture takes “hours upon days upon weeks” for its creator to make and sells for $180.

This “Santa, a jolly elf with a beer” art doll could glare at you from your shelf for $700.

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E.L, Joey B, Pappy Kojo & DeezyDoThis - Segbefia

E.L, Joey B, Pappy Kojo & DeezyDoThis – Segbefia

BBnZ Live brings to us this collaboration between E.L, Joey B, Pappy Kojo & DeezyDoThis. They title this one “Segbefia“. Each act takes his turn to prove why he is the best and deserves to be on this tune. You will listen to this one over and over again. Download this and share yours thoughts as well.

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E.L, Joey B, Pappy Kojo…

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Elf cake clicker: Sugar rush. Elf on the shelf HACK CHEAT TOOL

Elf cake clicker: Sugar rush. Elf on the shelf HACK CHEAT TOOL

Ŕ propos Elf cake clicker: Sugar rush. Elf on the shelf Hack.

Pour obtenir Reseources illimités vous pouvez utiliser notre outil Elf cake clicker: Sugar rush. Elf on the shelf hack. Il fonctionne sur tous les appareils Android et iOS (y compris les tablettes et les téléphones) et il n’y a pas de racine nécessaire. Elf cake clicker: Sugar rush. Elf on the shelf Hack pour Android et iOS a été créée…

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19 things for 19 years
  1. don’t go to bed every night dreading the next day. don’t dream of endings, find new light and meaning in everyday. start will small pieces of happiness if need be, live for it.
  2. sometimes you feel most alone in a crowd, and in good company when no one is around. that’s okay - be in the company of yourself. learn to thrive by yourself.
  3. don’t concern yourself with negativity; consider it the world’s greatest subliminal toxin and stay away.
  4. maintain your mentality always - it keeps one afloat, but can also be treachery.
  5. run from things that are bad for you - leave anything that doesn’t treat you well behind. you have the right to determine how others should treat you, and you dictate your future.
  6. remember you’re an individual - act like one. speak for yourself, and follow what you believe in. it’s okay to please others, but always stay true to yourself.
  7. be kind - consider how other may feel always. you don’t know a stranger’s circumstances or current state of mind and they don’t know yours. therefore, show mutual respect and understanding.
  8. don’t expect people to read like books. although you can read yourself like a children’s picture book, to others you may be a dictionary of foreign language. don’t expect people to understand.
  9. keep your dreams alive and take the initiative, follow through on your dreams.
  10. love unconditionally. feel from your heart and learn from your head and never take leaps you aren’t willing to fall from. know where the bottom is always, and never go too deep.
  11. have courage in all you do. stand up for yourself and your work, be aggressive enough to be heard. also, know when you’re wrong and listen to others. take only constructive criticism.
  12. learn from others. every single person on this planet is an individual with unique characteristics and experiences. so much can be learned from each person.
  13. always take an opportunity to gain perspective. expand your horizons and learn about anything - maths, music, languages, people, cultures, traditions, places. take more opportunities than you pass up. most anything can be a learning experience.
  14. find teachable moments in life. teach others though them.
  15. find yourself, be yourself always. continue to improve yourself. don’t resist change - you will become stagnant and sour.
  16. know that no matter how much you run, YOU will always catch up to yourself. you can’t run from who you are. sometimes you can run from others and places, but your shadow will follow you where ever.
  17. vulnerability isn’t necessarily weakness. showing heart is strength.be open but ensure no harm comes to yourself.
  18. try hard at everything you do. take pride in all you do and make yourself and/or others proud. don’t half ass anything.
  19. let those who believe in your failure motivate you. prove them wrong. prove any one who ever doubted you wrong and let that be your motivation to do right.