Ben 10 Omnémonsters!

I’ve always thought a Ben 10 AU where they’re Pokemon would be so cool! Pokemon and Ben 10 are two things I love dearly and hold very close to my heart. I’ve been meaning to draw the team for a while now, but never got a chance. But I based them off of the Omniverse style because, I don’t really know. The style is more fun??

But yeah! So here’s my explanation behind these babies! I thought it would be cool if Ben could turn into the rest of the eeveelutions, and I thought when Gwen would go Lucky Girl, she could turn into an espeon??? I would have made Ben a ditto, but an eevee just fits him better, plus I just think the idea is really cute (and I made both Gwen and Ben eevees because, you know, they’re related). And I’m not sure how Ben can change into them. I was thinking maybe something like he found a cool omnitrix pokeball or something and it caught him. I didn’t know if I wanted to make the omnitrix on his little leg or not, so I just didn’t draw anything. I’m sure that’s what’s going to end up happening though. But like, he can somehow turn it on and poof he’s another eeveelution.

Anyways, for Kevin, I wasn’t too sure on what he’d be, because of his powers and all. But, I just thought he looked like a mightyena to me, so here he be. 

For the drawings themselves, I actually had really fun drawing these. Kevin looks the best to me, and I think I kind of pulled off what I wanted him to look like. But yeah, I just wish there was some comic or episode for this, but I know that’ll never happen. *cries forever*

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