Lost and Found // The-Lady-Oneill

Cail had been running. Running from nothing. Running to nowhere. He was running because Mal told him to run.

They’re coming for you Cail. Move…MOVE.

He ran until he tripped. He tripped because he was running. It was raining and he was lost. He picked himself up from the ground and looked around.

Where was he? Were they still coming for him? He was cold…he hugged himself to get warm, but it didn’t help. He was wet.

It was raining and he was lost.

He walked and walked, slowing down with each step until he was standing in the middle of the sidewalk. 

He looked around, not knowing where to go, or if he was safe. He wanted to start running again, but it was too wet, and he didn’t want to trip. So he moved back and sat against a building.

His knees came to his chest, and he set his head on top of them. “Where am I?” He wondered aloud.