• Noodle on an "elevator"

Based on a back and forth between me and glitterfr33ze about how a lot of people (myself included), thanks to a crappy quality clip of Noodle’s ident video being the only footage of her ident the longest time, thought she was on an elevator instead of on a boat. So they said: “all that gif needs is some elevator music,” and, well, I decided to do the honors, haha.


Gotta Love Elevator Music! by Thomas Sanders


Some 60s-70s bands who were influenced by or influenced Psychedelic music, to a backdrop of Timothy Leary’s ‘ink art’ from The Psychedelic Experience.


The Glorious Ponds - words in touch and gestures

41 days left!

Talk about mood whiplash. We have Annabeth feeling helpless and grief-stricken for Bob, we have Percy damn-near in a rage… and we have that song about Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain playing as a magical elevator lifts them out of Tartarus. 

Not my choice for getting-out-of-Hell music… I’d probably choose a sad Slipknot song or something…


I think the most chilling part about that scene for me is that moment when Percy says “I want to rip them limb from limb”. Mostly, because a) usually cheerful, sassy Percy talking about wanting to rip someone limb-from-limb is some serious business and b) because I was reminded of Luke wanting to “tear down Olympus stone by stone”. 

While I don’t think Percy will go down the exact same path as Luke did on that front, I do want his inner rage to be explored and worked through. Because his inner anger is some seriously interesting stuff for me and I need to see where that goes. 

Now, until we can see that, lets just appreciate this comic and Percy’s facial expression in said comic. Because it is perfection. 

41 days until we see Percy’s inner, Mumford-and-Sons-rage. 

Art by the awesometacular Blindbandit5 aka (here on tumblr) bbanditt.tumblr.com