Blazing Heart and Grand Master Arrive! by CO Cuddles

The wait is soon over! Get ready to advance your Pyro and Saber Knights to Elesis’ new 2nd Job Classes. Which path will you take?! Will you be the Dancer of Flames or command the battlefield as the Leader of the Red Knights?

And in other big news…. On May 4th we will be celebrating our 3 Year Anniversary of our service to North America! It’s truly been amazing and time seems to just fly by! We’ll have some fun activities planned for this real soon!

Play as the Dancer of Flames – Blazing Heart

It’s time for Pyro Knight to really hone in on her fire conjuring skills! Elesis begins to struggle with her fire abilities despite the gloves Echo provided her. During her adventures she meets Allegro in Fieta in which he discovers fire energy emanating from her heart. Allegro tells Elesis that a legendary warrior once controlled the element of fire at will. With Allegro’s assistance Elesis eventually learns to control her flames freely and becomes the Blazing Heart, just as the warrior of the legend.

As the Blazing Heart you perfect your skills as the ultimate flame warrior. A pyro maniac’s dream come true! >:-D  Time to set everything on fire!! One of my favorite features of Blazing Heart is her ability to perform endless combos. While running alternate pressing X and Z Elesis will shoot out flames while jumping over enemies. Lurve it!! <3

Many of her moves do quite a bit of damage to mobs and have heat sinking abilities. For the lazier pyro maniacs, Blazing Wing and Blazing Dance works well doing lethal damage and auto targeting enemies. In addition to these skills, you can even conjure flaming swords and fire walls. Super fun! ;-)

Play as the Leader of the Red Knights - Grand Master

Beautiful, lethal and awe inspiring are just a few words to describe this breathtaking class. Elesis becomes the ultimate commander of the Velder Red Knights. During her pursuit of Scar she hears of Fieta being attacked by the demon invasion which prompts her to prepare for battle. With no clear winner of the war she realizes she cannot fight alone, so she builds an army of Fieta and Velder Knights and trains them. With a loyal army she becomes the Grand Master a decorated soldier and defeater of demons.

As the Grand Master you continue to refine your skills with the Claymore. Best move ever… THE JUGGERNAUT BUSTER!! Spin and twirl destroying all enemies in your path!! All of Grand Master’s fire strikes are precise and refined!

…and as a commander of the battlefield you can strengthen yourself and your party with War Prelude all while damaging surrounding enemies.  

ItemMall Goodies

No blog would be good if we didn’t reveal some new ItemMall stuffsss. I’d figured you guys would just scroll to the end haha! Now my feels are hurt. </3

Anyway, Elsword’s biggest nemesis (at least in my opinion) Berthe becomes your cute new companion… D’awwww! His demon raiding days are over…Nope this little bugger won’t be trampling you or RAWRing at your useless 250 MP Skills in the Alter of Dedication anymore. ;-) Plus new Arch Angel Ice Burner Costume set! Yey!

~Cuddles :-DDD

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