The relationship between elephants and people goes back millennia. Elephants have been an integral part of history, religion, art,  and culture in many parts of Asia.


Finding the Sublime 
December 16, 2014 - February 1, 2015 
CT Gallery 
112 rue Saint-François 74120 
Megève, France
Opens December 8, 2014

Steve McCurry Retrospective
Villa Riale di Monza
Monza, Italy
October 30 - April 6, 2015


Who’s the king of the jungle?

Not always the lion, Yahoo News Gordon Donovan learned on a trip to Nambia’s Etosha National Park last year. Donovan captured three young lions behaving more like scaredy-cats than fierce felines when they tried to join a group of elephants at a watering hole.

At the end of the dry season in southwest Africa, daytime temperatures soared as high as 116 degrees. The parched lions were desperate for a drink, but the elephants would chase the cats away from the Gemsbokvalakte waterhole.

What ensued was an entertaining cat-and-mouse affair. For more than a half-hour, the young lions tried to slip past the larger slower mammals to sneak a sip only to be muscled out.

The cat trio eventually laid in wait for the elephants to have their fill. As the elephants departed for a rest in the shade, the lions made their move. But they enjoyed the moment with caution, constantly peeking up at their nearby enemies.

Refreshed, the lions became play-fought with one another — pausing only to chase zebras away from the prized watering hole. Ultimately, they too, needed a respite and relinquished their rights to nature’s fountain. (Yahoo News)

Photography by Gordon Donovan

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Raju’s Case Update!

Raju's case was called to be heard in court today however, Mr. Shahid (Raju's ex-owner) and his lawyer were absent again! Thus, the case has been withheld and there is a possibility that if Mr. Shahid is not present or represented in court at the next hearing the case might get dismissed (fingers crossed).  

In the meanwhile, here’s Raju entering his pool for a quick dip at Elephant Conservation and Care Center oblivious to his court case!

(via WildlifeSOS)

I wanted to post an update on the world famous Raju.  He’s still safe and sound and after months of the case being pushed back it might turn out that his ex-owner won’t even show up to fight for him.  Hopefully that would mean nothing but pool time and Laxmi hugs (she’s the shorter girl ellie in the second photo) from here on out for ol’ Raju. :)

If you were planning to catch swinging trapeze artists outside the Oaks Mall this week, you’re out of luck. 

Despite what advertisements around town still display, Cole Brothers Circus of the Stars is not performing in Gainesville tonight due to financial issues.

The Cole Bros. group has not performed locally since March 2013, said marketing director Bruce Pratt.

“We thought we were going to be able to do it this fall,” he said. 

The Deland-based act opted for an abbreviated Florida tour that ended Sunday in Port St. Lucie. That also eliminated stops in Lakeland, Naples, Cape Coral and Bonita Springs. 

Very good news; Cole Bros. Circus has that SeaWorld fever.

No tickets - no money - no circus!