We’re always on the lookout for awesome new ways to play with our food. Barcelona-based art director and graphic designer Ingrid Picanyol worked with Spanish pastry chef Josep Maria Ribé from Callebaut to create these awesome 3D chocolate animal puzzles called the Kit Animalium.

Melted chocolate is poured into three sets of molds, white chocolate for the giraffe, milk chocolate for the squirrel, and dark chocolate for the elephant. Once the chocolate cools and hardens, each piece can be removed from the mold and the puzzles assembled. We love that the squirrel puzzle comes with two chocolate acorns.

Visit the Kit Animalium project page for additional images.

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It took a while but I’m posting it now. 1st photo is stuff from my friends on this blog (plus ike who gave me a Rosalina amiibo. ). 2nd photo is one my Mom took during my birthday party. 3rd photo is gifts from viewers. I tried to get them all in view, save for a few weird gifts. I didn’t expect to get this much stuff. Especially not the puppy. But thanks so much for all the gifts. c= I’ll try to list them all.

vitaniblack gave a virtual hug
silly-chilly-philly gave the complete seasons 1-12 of Family Guy
middythedemon and heta-troll-otaku-chick gave 50 dollars
musicboxbunny gave Lucky Charms Marshmallows
imagine-nation-stuido gave a… weird.. birthday card.
catnipjeannie gave a birthday card, elephant poster, and a foodfight DVD.
moody-look gave a T-shirt
randomfandomess gave a coat
anonymous gave a jade elephant figurine
erictheodorecartman69 gave a sweatband 

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..now we’re here.. :p

Your Grace, I did hear you express some negative sentiments about Ankh-Morpork on the way here, mhm, mhm.”
“Yes, but I live there! I’m allowed to! It’s patriotic!
—  The Fifth Elephant, Terry Pratchett