"I think she’s a miracle to him. Everybody else is behaving in a way he understands and can predict, but she’s just this flower in the desert." - Daniel Gillies

Elijah clearly has feelings for the doppelganger (Rebekah called him “pathetic” for it.) Too bad Elena lied to Elijah and helped his mother find a way to kill him. “Next week definitely is very much rooted in the foundation of this compassion that Elena has for Elijah and her concern that in maybe in signing his death sentence she’s made a mistake,” Plec teases of the pairing.
—  Julie Plec, E Online Interview

Random post is random, just needed a space to ramble about all the highly unrealistic scenarios that would happen in Homecoming in my dream world to get the feelings~ out

Rebekah reluctantly lures Klaus back to town for the plan, though she hates herself for it- but she just can’t forgive what he did to their mother, Klaus has finally gone too far for her to just let it go. Elena’s something of a nervous wreck about the plan, doubting Mikael and Rebekah, and when Klaus returns, she gets Stefan to tell her where the originals’ bodies are because he wasn’t compelled about that specific detail. She goes and pulls the dagger out of Elijah, and he proceeds to look at Elena like this again-


because that is just something I need in my life. After recovering, he asks why she’d wake him up after he betrayed them, and Elena says he was just trying to save his family- she, of all people, can’t find fault in that. And she tells him she needed more firepower, but most importantly, she needed an Original that she can trust around. That causes Elijah to have another moment like this-


with the big, obvious, ‘This girl is the only person in 1000 years who has exceeded my expectations left and right, she’s one little human and I respect her more than anyone I’ve met in a millenia, I’m clearly falling in love with her’ stare. 

Elijah and Rebekah are warmly reunited, and she fearfully tells him Mikael is around, but to her astonishment, Elijah is happy. He establishes that he found out a long time ago what Klaus really did, and informs Rebekah that Mikael hunting them all down was another lie Klaus told her to keep her loyal to him; their father doesn’t even drink human blood, he’s certainly not hunting his own children- he just wants Klaus.

Big Elijah/Mikael/Rebekah family reunion ensues, Mikael is emotional for making so many mistakes as a parent while alive that Rebekah was able to believe such lies, Rebekah is emotional for doing so, they’re just happy to be together again and have another chance now, it’s beautiful. And throw in a nice Elijah and Mikael moment, because I want to see them bonding like whoa. 

At some point, someone comments about Elena having reawakened Elijah twice now. Mikael asks about the first time someone was able to dagger him, and Elijah tells him about Elena outsmarting him, going as far as to stab herself to get to him and protect her family, then taking the chance on reawakening him when it seemed like the best chance to keep everyone alive. Mikael takes that in, along with the fact that she’s now ready to personally go up against Klaus, and gazes at her approvingly, like ‘Man, look at this total badass.’ Mikael is someone who I think would have deep respect for anyone with the spirit of a warrior like that, and as we see in the flashbacks, he’s all about taking the fight to keep your family alive seriously, so I think he’d be quite fond of her after hearing all that- and from that moment on, he becomes a clear undercover Elena/Elijah shipper, because Mikael is a cool dad like that, okay? Elijah then spends the rest of the day helping Elena train to go up against an original.

Oh, I don’t particularly care when this fits in, but at some point, I need Damon or Stefan to save the other’s life again, with the usual intense brotherly gazes ensuing, and most importantly, for Caroline to finally get involved in Stefan’s storyline, ideally have a moment where Caroline’s begging and pushing, and tearfully calling back to season 2 when the tables were turned and he saved her from becoming a monster, helps Stefan fight his compulsion.

The big showdown happens, Klaus sics his witch or whoever on Elena, but whoops, in a big shocker, turns out it’s Katherine. Mikael made a deal with her, that he’d keep her alive if she was of use to him when he needed her. So she acts as the decoy, and gets her BAMF on and kills Klaus’s lackey while Elena, with the element of surprise, stabs him, and Elijah grins at her with grim satisfaction. Mikael steps in to finish the job, but Rebekah realizes at that moment that wrong or right, she still loves her brother, and begs him not to, as she and Klaus exchange a long angsty look. It’s a struggle, Mikael desperately wants to make him pay and be done with this, but he thinks about what he just apologized to his daughter for that same day, and realizes he can’t afford to make the same mistakes all over again, putting revenge and pride above his children, and he reluctantly agrees. He, Elijah, and Rebekah agree that Klaus can’t just be left free to his own devices though, so they figure out some way to handle it- daggering him for now, finding some way to contain him? IDK, I just want really want Elijah/Mikael/Rebekah bonding that doesn’t have to end in Klaus’s death ever, however that can happen.

Before they go, Elijah approaches Elena, comments with a smirk that she seems to have a knack for getting herself into the worst kind of trouble, and tells her that while he’s sure he’d hear about himself, and also that she can handle herself like always, if she ever does find herself in need of help, she can reach him on the number he proceeds to give her- and since these are my fantasies and can be as unrealistically fluffy as I want, damn it, let’s throw in a shot of Mikael and Rebekah smirking at each other knowingly in the background. Elena and Elijah have one last lingering stare, and she gazes thoughtfully at the number once they’ve gone.

So in this world, I get my originals bonding and all of them staying alive, Elena/Elijah, Stefan/Caroline, Katherine and Elena both being BAMFs, and Salvatore BrOTP time, and everything is beautiful


I just want to live in this dream until Thursday, when I’m sure tragedy will ensue