It was my birthday. Damon and I spent the entire summer looking for Stefan, and I was trying to put on a good face, because Caroline was throwing this party for me, but I was just so sad. I was two seconds from deciding that I wasn’t gonna go; I wasn’t gonna leave the room. Until Damon walked in to give me my birthday gift. It was the necklace that Stefan’d given me. I’d lost it. And Damon knew what the necklace meant to me. What it meant about my feelings for Stefan. Even though he loved me, he gave me the one thing that represented hope for me and his brother. I knew how much it hurt him, but he did it. It was the most selfless that he’s ever been.

Disney Delena | The Little Mermaid

The sun rose out of the waters, red and bright, and its beams seemed to bring the glow of life back to the cheeks of the Prince, but his eyes remained closed. The mermaid kissed his high and shapely forehead. As she stroked his wet hair in place, it seemed to her that he looked like that marble statue in her little garden. She kissed him again and hoped that he would live.

TVD 2x18 Rewatch

Why does their school have so many dances? Why are they all themed? And why are the students so into them? WHY CANT MY SCHOOL HAVE A DECADE DANCE THAT SOUNDS FUN????


The sex appeal of Ian Somerhalder, ladies and gentlemen.

I swear Stefan’s favorite dance partner is Caroline.

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I had forgotten about all the bamon in this episode. YAAAAASSSS

Honey, just wait till S6.


Dear Diary: I know its been a while. A long while. I haven’t needed… I haven’t wanted to write this stuff down, but I don’t want to say it out loud either. The thing is: I’m a vampire, and I hate it. I feel hopeless, depressed, angry… but most of all, I’m scared. Part of me just wants to end it, but then I think of Jeremy. I’m all that he has left, so I need to find a way through this. No matter what it takes.