Heavy Water

Heavy water is the common name for deuteriom oxide (D2O). It is a liquid denser than water (d=1.106 g/cm3). It is used in nuclear reactors as a moderator to stop neutron movement. 

Deuterium is an isotope of Hydrogen, having one proton and one neutron. It represents the 0.015% of all Hydrogen atoms. 

Hydrogen Bond

No, it’s not about 007 or anything like that. Hydrogen bond is a type of intermolecular (and sometimes intramolecular) bond that forms between an hydrogen and an electronegative atom (Nitrogen, Oxigen and Flourine). 

An example of intermolecular hydrogen bonding in aself-assembled dimer complex reported by Meijer and coworkers. The hydrogen bonds are the dotted lines. (Wikipedia).

Even though it might not be a very strong type of bonding it is extremely crucial for life as we know it. It is responsible for water’s physical properties and it is even in our DNA.



Element of the Week: Silver


I am a very huge fan of Martin Poliakoff and all of the “periodic table of videos” crew. So here it is their video on Hydrogen. Enjoy, learn, share!