Speaking of Alexandre Desplat

This is probably one of my favorite tracks from him. So short, yet so lovely. T_T (Also, love the movie this is from, Lust, Caution. Kinda dark WWII-era espionage and intrigue with romance, set in Japanese-occupied China–total inspiration pool for dieselpunks, if you ask me.)

The Elementalist: Rise of Hara

It’s been some time since I last did work on this, but for a while now I’ve been working on a fantasy series called Element 7. I like to think of it as a blend of the (international) political and technological world of Amelia Earhart’s time and conspiracies surrounding her being a spy along with the fantasy elements of the TV shows Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra. It’s part epic fantasy, part espionage thriller, part dieselpunk adventure–all set in a secondary (fabricated) world.

Anyway, I’m planning on getting back to editing my beast of a first novel soon (being dubbed “The Elementalist: Rise of Hara”), which I haven’t done in a while, due to life getting in the way and me just not making it a priority. Here’s an updated blurb I was just working on:

At twenty-four and suffering from emelesia, a rare genetic disorder, aviatrix Voi Román is in a pickle: by her twenty-fifth birthday, the natural supplements she takes to manage crippling physical and psychological symptoms, including uncontrollable jitters and hallucinations, will no longer be enough; soon, she must be admitted into a mental asylum.

Running on her last drop of optimism, a solution presents itself when a questionable government agent visits her home.  He offers her a cure, though not without a price: a disturbing truth about emelesia is revealed, changing Voi’s world forever. However skeptical, Voi takes the agent up on his offer, embarking on a journey of self-discovery and enlightenment. Though, her new reality is not what it seems…

Meanwhile, while on a routine covert diplomatic mission in the Darmoilen Empire, Special Envoy Milia Furlan of the League alliance receives harrowing news about the Haran, an occult politico-terrorist threat long ago thought quelled, as well as news of stolen crystal-based technology that could be dangerous in the wrong hands. Faced with a life-threatening situation and barely escaping with her life, Milia must quickly form an action plan that will not only prove her suspicions about the Haran’s intentions to be true but also prevent what could unexpectedly morph into the League’s next seven-year war, keeping the League and Darmoil on track for an unprecedented alliance.

Despite Voi’s pacifist leanings, the unassuming aviatrix becomes a crucial player in Milia’s risky plan to beat the Haran at their own game, sweeping Voi into a whirlwind of arcane occult practices, experimental aerocraft technology, aerial espionage, and international intrigue. This alone is certainly enough to make any girl go mad, though Voi’s sanity is not the only thing she risks losing…

I’ll be talking more about it here as I get back into editing, but if you’d like more details you should definitely check out my other blog, Seven And a Half First Drafts. :)


Body chain collections by Element 7, these body accessories are a big trend this season. I absolutely fell in love with them and decided to purchase a few of my own. They are unique, edgy and very stylish. Of course, it is so perfect for the summer time but you can also whip up some ways to make it “winter-wearable”.

Ron, usually referred to as “Ronny” throughout the story, first introduces himself to Voi as a social worker. Though, it isn't long before Voi realizes he is an altogether different sort of government agent!

The social worker who was not! Click to read more about this mysterious character from my fantasy series, Element 7!


Thank you, Element7 Studios on youtube!

There was a Dragon Quest anime?! Yes, actually there were two big DQ anime: Abel Yuusha and Dai no Daibouken. Dai was based off the manga of the same name. There was also a Loto OVA inspired by the manga of Kamui Fuijiwara.  Akira Toriyama created the character designs for Abel Yuusha. Dai no Daibouken was written by Riku Sanjo and illustrated by Koji Inada.

While Spanish and French fans got to see Dai no Daibouken in both anime and manga form, America never got Dai and only saw 13 episodes of Abel on TV. The original anime has 43 episodes. Called Dragon Warrior in America, the show was canceled because it did not receive enough attention. It was on early in the morning and other anime and TV shows, like Sailor Moon, were more popular and got better time slots.  

Although in my personal opinion, Daisy could kick Sailor Moon’s ass. Dragon Warrior should have taken Sailor Moon’s time slot! But thanks to the internet and awesome DQ fans we get to see the Abel anime that was wrongfully taken from us!     

8 Sentence Sunday #1: Introducing Voi Román

8 Sentence Sunday #1: Introducing Voi

The following is actually a snippet from the first novel in my Element 7 series, which I’ve decided to call The Elementalist: Rise of Hara. Here, we get to meet the main protagonist Voi for the first time. Voi Román is an aviatrix with a rare genetic condition that she suffers from–or so she believes! Hint-hint: it has something to do with that fantasy element I keep mentioning.

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I’ve never watched Once Upon a Time, but I have been interested in Meghan Ory lately and this featurette from the TV show also interests me for a few reasons.

For one, it talks about the character Ruby—a woman who discovers she has an ability to turn into a werewolf at night which has been suppressed, according to the featurette, and doesn’t know how to control this wild side of herself. Though she has been welcomed into a community of those with the same ability, she still feels alone, like no one else is truly like her. However, over time, Ruby learns to embrace her “wild side” and gain more control over her actions while in a wolf state.

There are some close parallels here with the main character in my WIP fantasy series: an aviatrix-slash-museum attendant named Voi who believes she has a rare, incurable genetic disorder called emelesia. She later learns that her condition is actually the direct result of the suppression of something very rare indeed: an ability to perceive some extrasensory data (ESP) through the aether (space) and manipulate elements that are in a gaseous state of matter—a.k.a. “air elementalism.”

This suppression has led to worsening chronic symptoms including jitteriness, mydriasis (dilation of the pupils) and photophobia (sensitivity to light), paranoia, and hallucinations. Voi is told that by her twenty-fifth birthday, the prescription medication she takes daily won’t be enough to curve her symptoms and she will need to be admitted to an asylum—that is, one for “psychotics.”

Subjected to nearly 25 years of being brainwashed into thinking something has been wrong with her since birth, one day Voi is visited by a special agent from an international organization and is suddenly asked to embrace this truth, use her abilities to help spy on a neighboring nation and possibly save lives down the road. If she can do this, she is promised, then she will gain control over her crippling symptoms, many of which can actually become great assets.

All her life she’s felt different, and now she understands why.

It’s a lot to take in and acclimate to, and Voi is left with many unanswered questions at first, but she does answer the call (with some resistance, granted) and begins a slow transformation into a woman she’s never known: herself at her greatest potential.


If I ever got two of my greatest wishes fulfilled (that I finish this series and it somehow becomes a movie or TV series in the future) and an actress was chosen to portray Voi, I think Meghan Ory would be an interesting choice because of her history with the character Ruby and her similarity to Voi’s character.

At least…I find it interesting.


I was listening to Pandora when this came on and just thought, “How awesome would it be to write an epic airship battle scene over the majestic, urbane city of Du Mon to this song, with Captain Andre Neverri at the helm?”

Captain Andre Neverri - inventor, war hero, engineer, pioneer. (Invented character from my WIP.)

How I imagine the city of Du Mon, Borellia might look. (Image credit: Cover art for Sung In Blood, by Glen Cook.)

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Wow!  I just noticed I haven’t posted on here in a while.

I’ve been terribly busy lately—basically working around the clock, like two full-time jobs around-the-clock, for the past several weeks doing the day job at the furniture store and my own business’ projects.  I’m crazy tired, but this is a good problem to have ‘cause I’ve been getting more interest in my business (and more business in general!) lately.  Within the past two weeks I’ve gotten interest from four new clients—two of them today.

This has never happened before!

I’m not wiggin’ out yet because really, they aren’t my clients until we’ve signed an agreement or a payment has been made.  But man.  I’m so excited to see Simplicit Interiors picking up.

Still struggling with what I should be charging for my services, but I suspect that’s just something I’ll have to keep playing with.  I don’t expect to be able to quit my day job doing what I want to do (interior design that’s priced affordably enough for middle-class clients), though I would like to be making a nice sum of extra cash on the side.

It’s a learning process, I guess.  On March 14th it’ll only (but happily!) be Simplicit’s one-year anniversary, so I’ve got plenty of learning left to do!

Also, my poor fantasy trilogy project, Element 7, has seen nothing of me in a long while.  Though, my awesome boyfriend—who also writes and studied professional writing at a university—has been reading through the work I have managed to edit when he gets the chance, and for that I am grateful.  I’ll need to get more editing and writing done, though, or else he’ll run out of things to read! O.O

I don’t expect this weekend to be too crazy, though, so I’m going to do my best to dedicate two mornings towards editing the rest of the first book in Element 7. (That’s when I do my best work, you see.)

What Is Element 7?

So glad you asked! ;) Briefly, Element 7 is a fantasy dieselpunk trilogy project that I started working on back in like 2007.  Not seriously, at first.  Just playing with ideas.  But in the last two years I decided I’d like to get it finished and published one day.

The first novel, briefly, is about an aviatrix named Voi Román who has a rare condition.  She commits espionage in exchange for a cure, unwittingly falling prey to an occult international conspiracy.

I like to think of it as something similar to “Amelia Earhart-as-spy conspiracy theory meets Avatar/The Legend of Korra,” basically. (Yes, there’s elemental magic.)

I have a lot of fun with it when I do get to work on the project.  I even keep some Pinterest boards for inspiration.

Just thought I’d share!

Friendly, and Just a Bit Creepy: St. Vincent Defies Categories

A while ago my boyfriend introduced me to a singer I’d never heard of before, but since then I’ve fallen in love with her.

Annie Clark, who goes by the stage name “St. Vincent,” has a very lovely voice that would work well with jazz and cabaret music, but most of the music she composes is so quirky!  It has some rock elements to it, and her lyrics are sometimes a bit unsettling.  In any case, it’s an interesting mix.

And, in case you didn’t notice, she’s also stunning!

Confession: As with Brit Marling, I think I have a girl-crush on Annie…but for different reasons. I think she’s a perfect model for the main character in my WIP fantasy series, Element 7.  Having read and listen to a few interviews with Annie, I think her and Voi have a lot in common, aside from their physical features—from having left college before graduation to pursue their dreams to harboring strange fascinations with the unsettling. (In my first novel, Voi has a dangerous habit of courting curiosity with things that could result in physical harm or worse, death—including experimentation with medication, risky aerial feats in her airplane and investigation into a certain pirating terrorist threat in her world known as the Haran.)


Speaking of Voi: I think it would be fun to talk more about my fantasy project here sometimes. (I’ve been working on it, slowly, for a while.) I’ll add that to my list of “things to do.”  In the meantime, here is my Pinterest page with some boards dedicated to the characters and fictional locations in my project. :)