Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces

Water people are very sensitive to their own feelings and to the feelings of others. They perceive life through their emotions. They are concerned with what feels right, with their hunches or impressions, rather than with what is practical or rational.  They use the emotions, not the intellect, to understand and to value. Water can raise people to the heights of bliss, but can bring them down to the depths of despair. 

Water people need close emotional relationships, and rarely have superficial affairs. They can be volatile. They are romantic, sentimental and affectionate. They can be very nurturing and very possessive with their family and spouse. They have fixed opinions. They communicate in non-verbal ways; emotionally, psychically, or through forms as art, dance, music, poetry and photography. Their beliefs are based on feelings rather than on reason, passion or practicality.

Gemini, Libra & Aqua

Air people are concerned with thought, ideas and intellect. They are detached and objective. They can be versatile and agile in communications. But they might not accomplish their promises or goals unless they are grounded in earth.  They are the theory people in the “theory versus practice” debate. Nonetheless, while the air people are less practical than those of the earth, they are more practical and objective than the other two signs. However, they can become dreamers, thinking and planning, but not applying. Air people are reflective and think things through logically before they implement their ideas. They can be procrastinators, but they rarely make mistakes through lack of thought. They tend not to be emotional, but they are fair minded and consider other’s viewpoints. They are group rather than person oriented. They love humanity, but are not that close to individuals. They have varied interests and could become perpetual students.

Modality + Element: Meditations - Water

Cardinal +Water = Cancer
The tides washing away your sand castles leaving behind trinkets from the sea.
The tears you can’t stop, they’re just coming.
The sweat pouring from your scalp because you are all worked up.
The water from the faucet that cools your face.
The milk from a mothers breast carrying God’s love to her child

Fixed + Water = Scorpio
The unmoving lake that looks so still and calm but hides the most fascinating and peculiar mysteries in its immeasurable depths.  
Rock solid ice that lives all its glory in the most uncomfortable coldness, yet one breath from another begins to melt it.

Mutable + Water = Pisces
The wide vast ocean and all its organisms, filtered through a fresh water stream, irrigated to a well, scooped up in a bucket, drank from a glass, exchanged in a kiss carrying the memory of eternity

Taurus, Virgo & Capricorn

Earthy people are cautiousconventionalpossessive, practical and dependable. They live by a practical, common-sense code and seek physical well being rather than spiritual enlightenment, or to rise high. The expression “down to earth” sums them up. They are responsible, methodical, and concerned with detail. Children of the earth element are therefore well suited to life on this planet. They are realistic, builders and hard workers. They are pragmatic, materialistic and reductionist - they reduce everything to what is practical, useful and observable. They particularly value skills and abilities. Earth types are successful business people in the sense that they can stably manage things. While the fiery type is an innovator, the earth type is cautious and practical, being more interested in established business activities than new innovative ones. Imagination to an earth type is of realistic representations of the five senses (or a few of them). They think about what is, rather than what might be. In a way, they lack imagination. They can be too fixed to rules, regulations and procedures.

Modality + Element: Meditations - Earth

Cardinal + Earth = Capricorn
Green life sprouting from the ashy black sands of a volcanic island fertile with possibilities.
Trees that keep growing taller and taller as the eternal cycles of life and death nourish their roots.
A mighty mountain in the distance inspiring self-empowerment and the courage to climb. 

Fixed + Earth = Taurus
A wide endless plain. Timeless. Always in humble bloom, covered in grass and beasts of the field peacefully grazing.
The stone ruins of an ancient civilization standing strong against the test of time.
A petrified forest that feels as old as the earth itself.
A garden in your window or backyard that always relies on you to tend it.

Mutable + Earth = Virgo
Ages of organic information collected and compressed into a dense red clay that forms a perfect impression of anything that presses against it. Skilled hands sensually molding it into a tool of great use and beauty.