Wind - Superstition & Folklore


Air is the element of the East, connected to the soul and the breath of life.

Deities & Creatures Associated With Wind


In many magical traditions, air is associated with various spirits and elemental beings.

  • Sylph¬†- They are¬†typically connected with the air and the wind - these winged creatures are often related to powers of wisdom and intuition. Paracelsus described these beings as invisible beings of the air. They are mortal, but soulless.¬†
  • Stribog¬†- The Slavic god of¬†winds, sky and air. He is said to be the ancestor (grandfather) of the winds of the eight directions.
  • Tate¬†- The Lakota wind god or spirit.¬†¬†There are four primary wind spirits, referenced in relation to the four directions. It is thought that the wind unites “all” in one spirit, and that eagles, who stand on the wind, are the carrier of vision. Tate is said to guide one through obstacles.¬†As the invisible realm, wind connects past present and future, connecting ancestors and future generations , uniting humankind into the essential, eternal spirit.
  • Zephyr¬†-¬†In popular lore Zephyrs are the guardians of the winds. Zephyr was the west wind in Greek myth, son of Aurora, goddess of dawn. He was the lover of Flora, goddess of¬†flowers and together they cause the flowers to grow in spring.
  • Thunderbird¬†- It is considered a supernatural bird of power and strength.¬†The thunderbird’s name comes from the common belief that the beating of its enormous wings causes thunder and stirs the wind.
  • Skosr√• - They are¬†Swedish wood spirits that are present whenever a violent whirlwind appears and the trees are shaken to breaking point.

Gifts of Air/Wind


Breath is a divine gift, returned to the giver at death. The secret of breath is part of the magic of air. We take air into us which contains vital energy that some call prana and others chi. When we breathe in deeply we inhale this life force and rhythmic breathing exercises helps to attune you to the powers of air. 

Inhaled air is the sustaining breath of life, while exhaled air carries the words, poetry, and song that communicate human ideas and knowledge. In many myths creation is brought to life when a god breathes into it. It was often thought that spirit could be blown into or out of people; demons were blown out of people. 

The powers of air are also concerned with the intellect, the powers of the mind, knowledge [as opposed to wisdom], logic, inspiration, information, teaching, memory, thought and communication. Like the other elements, the powers of air can be constructive or destructive. The gentle breeze cools and brings the life giving rain, but it can become the destructive hurricane. It is for this reason that the magical symbol of air is a two-edged sword.

The voice of the air spirits is heard in the wind. There were many scared groves where the voices of spirits were heard in the wind whispering in the trees. The head of the alder was used as whistle so that the spirits might speak through it. The druids were attuned to interpreting these voices, and druid means ‚Äėoak knowledge‚Äô.

People who have air dominant in their psychological make-up are flexible, versatile, dextrous, tasteful, idealistic, original, individual and tolerant. However, they can also be distant, self opinionated, easily bored, impatient, self-deceiving, superficial, indecisive, quarrelsome, manipulative, thoughtless, cruel, fickle, inconsistent, unreliable and two-faced.



  • In Feng Shui,¬†wind chimes are believed to bless one’s home with prosperity and happiness. Hang a set by your front door so that good energy will be brought in every time the wind blows.¬†In contrast, in parts of Appalachia, wind chimes are considered a bad idea, because they call up¬†spirits of the dead.
  • Sailors had a number of superstitions about wind and air. In some cultures it was said that if a ship was becalmed at sea, sticking a knife in the mainmast would draw the wind to the sails, as would throwing a ha‚Äôpenny overboard. Shooting stars meant the wind was about to pick up, and whistling aboard ship could call up an ill wind.
  • In parts of the British Isles, tradition says a howling dog¬†indicates that the wind is coming to take away the spirits of the dead.
  • A shooting star shows that wind is coming from the direction toward¬†which it goes.
  • Do not fish when the¬†wind¬†is in the west; the fish will not bite.
  • Direction of The Wind¬†-¬†The direction of the wind on New Year‚Äôs morning is said to predict prophesies about the coming year. Wind from the south, expect money and happiness. Wind from the north, foresees a year of foul weather. Wind from the east brings famine and bad luck, while wind from the west brings milk and fish, but the death of someone important. No wind brings joy and prosperity throughout the year.


PokePotential Article #2: Bismuth

Bismuth is a chemical element represented by the symbol¬†Bi and its atomic number is 83. ¬†Bismuth is one of the first 10 metals to have been discovered and was confused with tin and lead early on. ¬†It was also given the name¬†tectum argenti, or “silver being made”, because it was thought to be silver that was still in the process of being formed within the Earth.

One of the most interesting aspects of Bismuth is the spiral, stair-stepped structure of its crystals and the rainbow of colors displayed when light reflects off of it.

Bismuth is also used as an ingredient in some medicines, such as Pepto-Bismol.

Design Aspects:

Since the most notable feature of Bismuth, is its distinct crystals, it would make the most sense for a Pokemon based on it to emphasize these crystals.  As the Pokemon evolves, the crystals could engulf the body of the Pokemon, until it is nothing but a colorful and geometric beauty.


Steel seems to be quite obvious, with Bismuth being a metal. I think Steel/Fairy would be interesting, with the Fairy type coming from the rainbow of colors and the fact that the element is used in some medicines.

Possible Names:

  • Behesmuth (behemoth+bismuth)
  • Prismuth (prism+bismuth)

Abilities, Moves & Other Considerations:

Flash Cannon, Dazzling Gleam, Light Screen, and Reflect would all make great moves for this Pokemon, utilizing its reflective nature.  

Bismuth is also the most diamagnetic of all metals, and because of this, Levitate or Magnet Rise would be well-suited for any Pokemon based on this element. ¬†Magnetic Flux and Magnet Bomb would make sense as well. ¬†Magnet Pull wouldn’t make as much sense, since diamagnetism is related to the “push” of magnets, rather than the “pull”.

Throw in any healing moves or abilities to account for Bismuth’s medicinal properties.

*Bismuth was suggested by Tumblr user tramampoline