back in the day....

have you ever realized how easily it was to make friends back in elementary? There was no popular crowd or judging. I became really close friends with someone just because we walked out of our bathroom stales at the same time… no joke …. it was soo much easier back then to become friends, now everyone has an opinion of you the minute they see you… 

that hour spent watching elementary instead of doing homework was probably the best decision of my life oh my god I’ll write something about the show after i can watch that ep a second time but I am the personification of the common fangirl phrase “I can’t” right now

I’m so going to regret not doing my homework tomorrow but aweijljaaoewijofweij 



"I’ve never been robbed by people in underwear before. Oh, but no, there was a chap, one time. But you are much prettier."

The Deductionist, Elementary, 1.14

John Polson (D), Robert Doherty & Craig Sweeny (S), 03/02/13

Dans lequel le très bon Terry Kinney joue un tueur en série revanchard et la canadienne Kari Matchett une profiteuse avec qui Sherlock a couché avant qu’elle ne profile le fait qu’il était autodestructeur. Et aussi où Watson explique à un Sherlock assez médusé qu’elle est son amie.

ps : j’aime beaucoup la sous-intrigue du porno-dans-l’appart-sous-loué car il démontre bien comment Watson se sherlockise et prend plaisir à résoudre certaines situations seule.