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Runar Magnusson and Serge modular at EMS in Stockholm
Elektronmusikstudion Residency

I’m having a fantastic week at the Elektronmusikstudion in Stockholm, which became fully formed (independent from radio) in the late sixties and was one of the earliest computer music centres. This is a beautiful video of the studio in 1974. I’m working on a new piece, which has involved spending a lot of time with the Buchla Series 200 analogue synth. But aside from the studios and many wondrous toys here, there’s a brilliant library, music collection and selection of journals & music mags. A really inspiring place to work & create…

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Frank Bretschneider experimenting with the Buchla Modular Synthesizer at EMS, Stockholm

by Haunt Everest

Elektronmusikstudion (EMS) is the Swedish centre for electroacoustic music and sound art. The research organization started in 1964 and is based in Stockholm with six studios and a library consisting of a large collection of books about electronic music and sound art. EMS also organizes courses, various events and artist in residence activities. Between 14-27 July, EMS hosted Frank Bretschneider who – after working more than 20 years with digital sounds – was eager to submerge into the analog technology of the legendary Buchla and Serge modular synthesizers. On this occasion, we’ve talked to the co-founder of Raster-Noton to find out more about what is so special about these machines, and his current plans to shift from digital towards analog directions. Frank explains why computer sounds made such a big impression on him when he was younger, and strolling down memory lane he also shares his experiences with mono turning to stereo, raising the question what else is out there which could make such an enormous difference within the limits of perceptible sound.

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