Meteor Blaze & Meteor Shock!

-Blaze uses a flame tonfa and a spout tonfa, both can be combined to form a magma cannon!

-Shock uses electric nunchaku, can be plugged into either arm and will hold a charge by itself own for several attacks. Can be combined with cosmic planet energy for a deadly combo!

just gunna sit in the corner and be mad these don’t exist, they were hella fun to draw >:|

Elekes Ferenc: Én nem tudhatom

Amikor egyedül vagyok,
nem terítek asztalt

Sokat tűnődöm mostanában,
ha egyedül vagyok, s várlak.

Olyankor annyi mindent
kigondolok szélről, esőről, hóról,
s ami még eszembe juttat, mert minket
fújt, mosott, belepett, vagy jósolt
egymásnak furcsa véletlenekben…

Most hull a hó
tetőre, fára, kőre…
S mert messze vagy,
közénk is.

Mindig van valami közöttünk,
valami hullás,
valami elfelejtés.

Én nem tudhatom,
hogy boldogul más
a szerelemmel,
de amikor egyedül vagyok,
hosszú, árva esték
csöndjében megérzem: ha túl jó az ember,
sohasem elég rossz ahhoz,
hogy nagyon szeressék.

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Cool Cats

"All The Things You Are" | Serge Gainsbourg 1964 | With Elek Bacsik on Guitar + Michel Gaudry on Bass

What is the “Mano de Orula”?

Through this ceremony you will be revealed your destiny, your mission in life, the possibilities and also your weaknesses. According to the tradition of Ifa, all beings to come into the world kneel in front of Ọlodumare (God) and choose a destination to complete its passage through the material world.

The only witness of this fact is Orunmila, the deity of wisdom and holder of the Ifa Oracle. Before approaching the Chamber of Ọlodumare and in the course of preparations for their journey to the land most people attend the heavenly priests of Ifa divination by and recommended them a sacrifice so that their projects to develop favourably.

However, on the way from heaven to Earth (the womb) forget all this and it is only through the ceremony of receiving Orula we can remember it. 

(Odu) figure that appears in the tray (Opon Ifa) divination are contained all messages and tips you should listen and comply to make your life convenient.

(Ebbo) sacrifices, recommended before starting from the sky to the Earth are the ones you must be completed quickly.

Likewise, Orula tells you who your Orisha is a trustee, called Guardian Angel, which you inherited many of its features and is ultimately who pattern should follow the Customs along with the Odu.

If you live according to their destination, strives to be the best you can be and complies with the sacrifices, you will find happiness.

Orula is received by faith, by believing in him. To respect and take care of it.

Which Orula help obtain desires does not mean that you get it as a credit card.

Not receive Orunmila to travel or to get money, it is not the Department of migration or the Investment Bank. Remember that Orula knows what is inside your heart.

It will be granted whatever is at hand, and according to the sacrifice that you have done.

Receive Orula and Orisha means having who support us when the world seems that falling or who give thanks when life throws us happy moments.

With Orula you will never be just. Assist you, contact the heart that it will always come to his aid.

From: Gerardo Frómeta, Babaláwo Ifá Filaní, is Master in advanced education.

(The set of Eleke and Ilde of Orunmila can be bought at Oggun Owo Creations ~ Click here)