time of our lives ● Elijah & Elena {au} TO/TVD

Day Two and my procrasti-writing continues. 

A/U- Once heir to one of the largest werewolf packs in America, Caroline is now an orphaned young woman being held captive by the enemies of her bloodline but a chance encounter with the most powerful Alpha alive, Klaus, will ignite passions, topple dynasties, threaten entire bloodlines and set them all on course for an epic war. Pairings Klaroline/Kennett/Elejah


Just like animals

fatedtoendure replied to your post:fatedtoendure okay im for real done with you that…

i T IS TIME. scr eam s about th INGS . anY KINDS OF THINGS TBH. do u do like early seasons of tvd?? or we could easily cross over although i’m not caught up on TO ??

oh we talked about this. stay uncaught up on TO k? k. im protecting you remember that. and uh yesss. i have a couple elejah things in early tvd but not all of the “pressure points”. like after she tugs the blade out of his chest. or when she comes back like she promised. or when he saves her from rebekah. uhhhh i honestly only have one where he gets away with her that first time they met so anything else we are good to go