But on the flip side, aside from his fixations and mental illness, Jervis just being a giant book nerd over ‘Alice.’ Knowing the complete history of its conception and being able to launch into detailed oral essays on Carroll, during his more coherent days. And then basing his crimes off of not just the literary content, but the physical books themselves. Stealing early editions and Carroll’s letters and his photographs of the Liddel children. And Tenniel’s studies from Harvard, and the electrotype wood blocks from Oxford.

International Stereotypers’ and Electrotypers’ Union Journal, 1911

The grim reaper has visited in our midst, and the call has been answered by M. C. McNamara. for many years sergeant-at-arms of No. 4. In the death of “Mike,” as he was generally known, we lose a staunch friend that all admired for his many good deeds and jovial disposition. Though death does seem cruel in terminating our association with Mike, the old saying, “It is for the best,” does apply, for Mike’s Incurable illness caused him untold suffering.
We are able to announce (and that we do it with much pleasure Is to express it mildly) our visitor, Mr. Hot Spell, has left, and as a good many feel about their mother-in-law. that Is the way we feel about our departed relative of the weather family. We hope he never comes back. Miss Cool Spell is with us, and we are’ ready to rest in her arms any old day or night.
The “Daily News” chapel have organized a quartette, and to say it is some vocal order is not advertising it broad enough. Coming arrangement committees will make no mistake in billing these sure to be future great Carusos.
It is rumored around that Jake Barr is working on an invention in conjunction with William Lloyd, and as soon as the patent is registered in Washington, Jake will find it easy to retire. It is to be a revolutionizer, so ‘tis whispered. The rank and file seems to be running over with inventors.
Did it occur to you that Brautigan is vice-president of Indianapolis, No. 38, and Chicago, No. 4, at the same time? Vat did you dink of dat?
No. 4 considers the arbitration proposition the weightiest question that can come before the membership, and to give It the study due such a vital proposition a standing committee has been appointed. Sister unions could make no mistake by doing ditto.
The scribe often wonders how some members can forget It is meeting night. You do not know what you miss by not attending the monthly session. Last meeting about one hundred members were present, leaving about an equal number circulating in other spots. It is not necessary to say that had the absentees been there they would never regret it. The meeting was interesting every minute, and if a session of Congress Is more entertaining, they will have to convince me. I do not believe it. We have our orators and our parliamentarians by the score, and when a proposition is up it gets Its sifting from all angles.