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Dialogue - Jackson C. Frank

Thoughts on recent films I've seen

Solaris (1972) - This Russian film really left an impact on me. Very atmospheric, thought provoking and looooong film. Requires effort and time, but it is a true Sci-Fi great. Highly recommended to anyone with a strong appreciation of cinema. The less you know the more enjoyable it will be. But don’t expect explosions and action.

The Seventh Seal (1957) -Expected more from this film, it is regarded as a masterpiece and I say it doesn’t deserve that title. Yes it is a very influential film but it doesn’t stand up as much as other classics. Prettty campy and uninteresting at times. The entire film has obvious references to death and notion of death amongst people, especially during the middle ages since it’s set in the Black Death, but never goes anywhere with its ideas. I only recommend this to people with a deep appreciation of film history

Daft Punk’s Electrorama (2006)- Premiered around the time Human after all was released, Electrorama continues the albums motives with the titular characters attempting to become human. Definetly an art house film, could’ve been 10 mins long if it wanted to, but its a full length with a good soundtrack and great artistic direction since Daft Punk directed to film themselves. If you’re a fan of Daft Punk then watching this film will further suspend your disbelief about them being actual robots by adding a layer of emotion to their alter egos.

La Haine (Hate) (1995) - French film revolving around youths and they’re relation to police officers. This film succeeds very well portraying sympathetic characters with the use of background storytelling, each character acts similiarly, but it’s the sublties that makes these characters stand out. Very entertaining throughout the whole film. Highly recommended to everyone

Redline (2009) - Very stylish anime about extreme racing with an art style influenced by american comics. This film absolute fun from start to finish with a great soundtrack, gorgeous visuals, and intense characters. Imagine an adult-orientated Wacky Racers with better animation and music. For me this movie really blew me away and I loved it. Highly recommend to anyone who can appreciate a great example of beauty in animation.

Dead Leaves (2004)- This anime is the most over the top movie I’ve ever seen. Extremely fast paced and absolutely hilarious. Short film so it’s doesn’t overstay it’s well welcome and leaves you with a geat lasting impresion.

Tokyo Godfathers (2003) - After watching this film I was deeply sad to know that it’s director Satoshi Kon died at a pretty young age of 46. This film is an emotionally dense anime film about 3 unlikely homeless companions that find an abadoned baby. The Animation is very realistic giving a lot of characters extra depth with their portrayal. Highly recommended to any movie-goer that enjoys a good story,

Jin-Roh:The Wolf Bridgad (2000) - Brought to you by some of the people that worked on Akira and Ghost in the Shell. Set in 1950s Japan after being taken over by Germany. There are scenes that are an absolute stroke of genius, while the middle to end scenes become hard to follow resulting in an anti-climax. Still very good, grim film, but not everyone will love it.

Little With Academia (2013) - Very short film about an all witch school. Very good animation, all the characters are well designed which brings out their personalites very well. Recommend to anyone that can look past the (pretty enjoyable) setting and let yourself be entertained.

I’m planning on watcing a lot more animated and acclaimed live actions movies soon, so I might do this regularly.