I feel as if we should bring the term ‘squick back’

The difference between:

SQUICK: Something that makes you at the very least uneasy

TRIGGER: Something tthat makes you have horrible flashbacks, give you anxiety/panic attacks, makes you hurt, makes you relapse if you have an addiction


“Mpreg squicks me out, I don’t understand how someone gets off on that.”

“I don’t like talking about drug addiction, it triggers me”

And something that squicks some one may full on trigger someone else & something that triggers someone may just squick someone else


“Rape is something that has happened to me, and it triggers me when I see someone being dominated as it reminds me of my experience, how about you?

"It’s squicky to me, but I’m not triggered by it tbh”

TL;DR: The term 'squick’ should be brought back

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Also I’m really happy this blog is back ayy


Wood-Electronics: High-performance green flexible electronics based on biodegradable cellulose nanofibril paper

Remove “Wood Electronics” and you have the title of a new paper, recently published in nature by scientiests from the University of Wisconsin working in partnership with the US Department of Agriculture Forest Products Laboratory.

The researchers developed wooden semiconductors, high-performance flexible electronics using ecofriendly materials, that are biodegradable and basically just act like plant fertilizer in the environment (turns out that fungi like it).

Today’s consumer electronics, such as cell phones, tablets and other portable electronic devices, are typically made of non-renewable, non-biodegradable, and sometimes potentially toxic (for example, gallium arsenide) materials. These consumer electronics are frequently upgraded or discarded, leading to serious environmental contamination. Thus, electronic systems consisting of renewable and biodegradable materials and minimal amount of potentially toxic materials are desirable. Here we report high-performance flexible microwave and digital electronics that consume the smallest amount of potentially toxic materials on biobased, biodegradable and flexible cellulose nanofibril papers.

Furthermore, we demonstrate gallium arsenide microwave devices, the consumer wireless workhorse, in a transferrable thin-film form. Successful fabrication of key electrical components on the flexible cellulose nanofibril paper with comparable performance to their rigid counterparts and clear demonstration of fungal biodegradation of the cellulose-nanofibril-based electronics suggest that it is feasible to fabricate high-performance flexible electronics using ecofriendly materials.

Who would have thought? Wood as a cutting-edge semiconductor material. Nice.

[paper] [via motherboard]

Graphene Ink 3-D Printed Medical Implant Grows Nerve Cells

There is no shortage of excitement for the possibilities of 3-D printing. The manufacturing technique uses a machine that squirts layer upon layer of material to build three-dimensional objects. The prevailing vision for 3-D printing is that one day we’ll be able to make smartphones, sensors, drones or other complex machines right in our homes.

But if we’re ever to have desktop devices that can output things like consumer electronics or novel biomedical devices, there are a number of obstacles that need to be overcome. Today’s consumer units most commonly use hot plastic that quickly solidifies to build shapes. This material is neither particularly strong nor is it electrically conductive, a characteristic necessary to build electronic components into devices.

Researchers all around the world are looking for materials that can unlock some of 3-D printing’s bigger promises. Now Northwestern University researchers say they have created a 3-D printing ink that is stronger, electrically conductive and biocompatible using another material that has been generating much excitement over the last decade–graphene. See more gifs and learn more below.

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When Princess Leia disguised herself as Boushh in order to crack open a frosty one, she wasn’t looking for a drink. Her tall, cold one that day happened to be none other than Han Solo himself. However, in your universe it’s probably more practical to opt for a standard refrigerator than a carbon freezing chamber (tibanna gas supplies being what they are today).

The Han Solo Fridge really is big: it can hold up to 18 cans of soda. It’s also one of those neato fridges that cools or heats its contents (depending on which temperature you need).


I honestly hate the phrase “good music taste.” Because that implies that there is bad music taste. I hate this whole concept. Music is supposed to be fun and saying that makes it sound like it’s some sort of contest. I hate the idea of shaming someone for music that makes them happy. I remember one time I felt embarrassed that I liked a certain artist and then I realized how fucking stupid that is. I also hate when people think it’s cute to brag about how good their music taste is. Like I see this a lot especially on Tumblr. It sounds conceited yet noone seems to think twice about it. I don’t see how it’s any different than someone bragging about how hot they think they are.

I’m not sure if this made since but oh well. I just needed to say this.