Diamond Film Opens New Possibilities For Miniscule Machines


by Txchnologist staff

Diamond may be a microelectromechanical system’s best friend.

Tiny MEMs, which can measure just microns across, are showing up as parts of sensors, switches and actuators in products from inkjet printers to car airbags and mobile devices. The miniature machines are shaping up to be a major component in the coming connected world.

The problem is that most MEMs out there right now are made of silicon, a brittle material that quickly wears down when it is being used as a moving part. 

We’ve already featured researchers who are looking to get past that major limitation, including one team that is making experimental MEMs out of nickel alloy. Now scientists at several institutions including Argonne National Lab say they may have another option.

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Recycled Hard Drive Instrument - Electric Waste Orchestra

Creating unconventional musical instruments from outdated computer parts and other e-waste

In the hubbub of Moogfest, we serendipitously ran into a guy wearing purple 3D-printed eyeglasses and holding something that looked like a keytar. Upon closer inspection, and with the house lights turned up, it turned out to be a musical instrument made from outdated computer parts. Colten Jackson wasn’t a speaker at the festival, but a passionate musician who made the trek to Asheville from Champaign, IL, to spread the word about his educational side project, Electric Waste Orchestra. Jackson reuses e-waste to make music in unconventional ways—for example, in this video he transformed six hard-drives and a number pad into a musical instrument (with help from Arduino hardware and Pure Data software) and jams along with a modular synthesizer. (Read more)


Do you travel much or are you away from your home for long periods of time?  What about working the graveyard shift at work and leaving your home unattended.  Well if you are concerned about robberies or break-ins in your neighborhood, this may be the perfect theft deterrent.  The Fake TV is a burglar deterrent that simulates the effect of a HDTV television.

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Wilson Electronics DC/DC 6 V Power Supply for Wilson 801201, 801230, and 801245 Series Boosters

Wilson Electronics DC/DC 6 V Power Supply for Wilson 801201, 801230, and 801245 Series Boosters

Wilson 859913 DC/DC 6V Power Supply (Dual Band Wireless Amplifier) – Power Supplies (WILSON AMPLIFIER ACCESSORIES) Wilson 859913 is the manufacturer part number. DC/DC 6V Power Supply (859913) is for Mobile Wireless Smart Technology™ Amplifiers. It converts 12V DC to 6V DC. The use of radio distribution equipment that enhances, extends or amplifies a wireless signal may be prohibited without the…

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