I made this remix of Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy” and Katy Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl.”

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Caribou - Our Love

I’m so excited that Caribou is back at it. Under this moniker, Daniel Snaith has made tunes that you can both dance to and not lose your cred when you name-drop the project. Caribou, in fact, was one of my first introductions to music that exists in a more alternative realm - four years ago I was sitting in a dorm room bumping “Odessa,” and I never really looked back. Wait, four years? Fuck, I’m getting old. 

Fast forward to 2k14, and Snaith is ready to drop his Caribou follow-up to 2010’s simply stellar Swim. His first single, “Can’t Do Without You,” was a major win after such a lengthy absence and, like “Our Love,” only really uses the words from the title in its folds. Rather, each title establishes a theme, and while it’s repeated in mantra-esque fashion, Snaith lets the music do most of the talking.


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End of an Empire Track Teaser

"Time", the first chapter of End of an Empire and triumphant follow-up to Wish Upon A Blackstar, is available for pre-order now and out everywhere on Sept 16th, 2014. Get a hand-numbered, limited edition CD exclusively from the FiXT Store plus get an early download of the "End of an Empire" single on Sept 2nd, when you pre-order from FiXT or iTunes.

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Alright, I know I’ve given you a huge, long block of downtempo, ambient music, which can get a little heavy even if all the songs are dang good. Let’s raise the energy level up just a bit with a new mashup from Chicago’s The Hood Internet, who we can always rely on to give us a surprisingly balanced blend of two polar opposite acts. On DiviniXO, you guessed it, they blend Porter Robinson with Beyonce, utilizing Divinity (which features Stars’ Amy Millan) off Porter’s spectacular debut album Worlds and Beyonce’s XO.

This is one of those super collaboration tunes. You know, one of those tracks crafted with so many talents in the kitchen, it oftentimes becomes way too conflicted and fragmented? Well, not this one. This one is gorgeous. New York hip hop and pop producer Emile Haynie created the brilliant, haunting A Kiss Goodbye. Then, he enlisted Charlotte Gainsbourg, Blood Orange (Dev Hynes), and Sampha on board. Yep. All of these amazing artists, on one beautiful, moving song.  A Kiss Goodbye is an impassioned, incredible listen, with plenty of intricate nuances. I’d have to say Sampha’s part in it is my favorite… those silken vocals, the delicate piano… Wow. The whole song is breathtaking. Just listen.

This is a remix I made of Rihanna’s song “Cockiness.” I used vocals from Rihanna’s “Cockiness” and “Cake,” drums from Phil Collins’ “Sussudio,” the melody from Azealia Banks’ “Licorice,” and the rap from Azealia Banks’ “212.”



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Mndsgn - TXT (MSGS) - Official video

1v1 is a seductively alluring and provocative gem I was lucky enough to preview some time ago, and it’s with much pleasure I get to finally share the sultry tune with you today. The smooth track is a new release by Rochester future soul artist mdnt (midnight), whose velvety vocals melted me the moment I first heard his R&B crooning. 1v1 is produced by Toronto’s The Theorist, whom I’ve featured previously with much gusto, due to his adept skillfulness at creating dazzling shadowy and downtempo electronic soundscapes. 1v1 is certainly a grooving slow jam you’ll want to put on your next mixtape for your bae, with its honeyed sweetness and sexy nuance. It’s like a steamy mix of D’Angelo, Frank Ocean, and inc. or How To Dress Well.