dance past 12am. :: 41 minutes of funky, fresh dance vibes. perfect for dancing wildly in your room and procrastinating from doing your shit. my first mixtape/playlist, enjoy! :-)

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01. 「 No title 」- gigaP feat. Reol  //  02. Don’t Stop The Music feat. 森高千里 - tofubeats   //  03. Where Does This Disco (TOKiMONSTA Remix) - YACHT   //  04. 집 [feat.유미] - 하우스 룰즈   //  05. Tokyo Metro - ローマンRoman   //  06. ~Ki☆Se☆Ki~ - 姫トラ HIME TRANCE   //  07. MAGIC - MEG   //  08. Selfish High Heels - マクロスMACROSS 82-99 & Harrison   //  09. CANDY¥¥¥LAND feat.LIZ - tofubeats   //  10. SYMMETRY feat.Shi-un - FreeTEMPO   //  11. Music - Club505


Day: 1416
Shirt: Daft Punk - Discovery
Color: Black
Brand: Daft Punk
Source: (5/28) I will listen to this album till i die.  it was such a good album that i really enjoyed before this band seemed to go full on blown out.  now they are just massive but back when this album came out it seemed like the audience was a smaller circle of people that had been with this band since day one.  best music video ever for an album , cause its basically a music video for the entire album. 

100% Fake
  • 100% Fake
  • Cotter Koopman

Sometimes when a melody line gets stuck in my head, I’ll start a little musical sketch. Sometimes it goes too far and this happens.

90% of the time I have no idea what the fuck I’m talking about.

Lots of my favorite vines are in this. For a complete list of samples, check the soundcloud page, or go to my profile to listen to actual real songs.

Major Lazer dropped a new one today, which is usually a pretty big deal. Powerful is a track full of grit and soul, featuring fantastic vocals by British pop star Ellie Goulding and reggae act Tarrus Riley. There’s an electrifying quality to Powerful despite its surprisingly restrained production. The bold and magnificent song is a captivating, expansive ballad. Powerful is easily one of my favorite Major Lazer tracks, alongside Get Free. It’s taken from Major Lazer’s new album, Peace Is The Mission, out June 1st.

“Electronic was Bernard’s name. We came up with it the day [designer] Peter Saville came down and begged us for a name so he could finish the sleeve. Bernard took it off an air-conditioning unit. Lucky we didn’t end up being called Electronic Heat. Before that, he wanted to call us Sell Your Body. Can you imagine?”

- Johnny Marr, Q, 2007

Monthly Wrap-Up: Chance The Rapper's "Surf" is Finally Here and More

New and Noteworthy: Chance The Rapper’s Surf is Finally Here, Plus Holly Herndon, and More

This is a big day for us here at the Music Inclination. We usually don’t cover things the day of either, but this just seemed to good to pass up. Everyone has been waiting for Chance the Rapper and the Social Experiment’s new album Surf, in the hip hop community. It was even discussed at length in an article here, about the newfound positive vibes that have been coming up in hip-hop lately that…

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An Usher classic gets a surreal, ethereal re-imagining on It’s Okay Girl, courtesy of a producer from Trinidad & Tobago named London Future. He heavily samples from Usher’s You Don’t Have To Call, a song that brings back plentiful good memories from the early 2000′s. With it, London Future crafts a spacious, lurchy behemoth, laced with Jersey bounce, futuristic swells, jagged bass, and trappy pulses. It’s an earth shaking yet slick banger that will blow your mind.


The Weeknd is finally back! Yesterday, the R&B singer revealed “The Hills” a brand new (well, it’s been circulating for a while now as “Mood Music” after a few live shows) number from his highly anticipated follow up to Kiss Land. Co-produced by House of Balloons collaborator Illangelo, the track is pure flames, as Abel’s voice is slightly distorted and pitched to give it a distinct edge. Arguably appealing to the masses, “The Hills” is a great introduction to chapter three…

For an utterly fresh take on that new A$AP Rocky tripper of a tune L$D, we turn to respected NYC based artist and producer Terry Urban. He turns the heady tune into a sleek and glossy electronic rock track. The remix carries a stark yet intoxicating quality that entrances and hypnotizes. It nearly feels like a TV On The Radio song with an infusion of dance energy from,a more heavy handed Dave Sitek.