I’ve been waiting for this treat ever since it was teased some days back, and now, it’s ready for our hungry ears! Sassy Swedish songstress Elliphant enlisted Danish pop star  on her new single One More, and it’s an electronic pop match made in Scandinavian heaven. In fact, it’s like the two fast rising stars read my mind, as I’ve always thought they two would pair up nicely with their sassy flair and edgy yet sugary music. One More is more of a downtempo and slow building jam, surprisingly laid back for the two combined, but it’s beautiful. Plus, when the synths really kick in around the two minute mark, it’s glorious and so intoxicating. 

Come hear the new Aphex Twin album, Syro, before it’s released at our stores Sunday, Sept 21 at 3pm! We’ll also have Aphex Twin goodies to give away at our listening parties (while supplies last, of course). Syro is the first new album by Richard D. James in 13 years & it comes out Tuesday 9/23 on Warp Records.

UV Boi, an Australian producer who you might recognize from his collaboration with Ryan Hemsworth on Gods, dropped a sick and filthy remix of fellow Australian producer Hatch’s New Direction. The end result is an utterly sick trap tune, blending guttural, satisfying bass with the track’s melodious vocals. It’s one of my favorite new trap remixes of the day, and it also keyed me into Hatch, who blew me away with all the other tunes I streamed off his Soundcloud page, including soulful What You Need and Hold On Me, which samples classic, beloved Smokey Robinson. It comes as no surprise that I’m stunned and frozen in place addicted to shimmery music out of Australia yet again, with all their talented producer exports. Hatch is the latest one I’d recommend we keep an eye on. Of course, UV Boi’s on the rise, too. Hatch will release Direction and UV Boi’s remix on September 22 via Onelove Recordings.

Get cosy with Sylas’ woozy electronics goodness in debut single ‘Hollow’. The duo, signed to Aesop (SOHN), mingle dark, twisted vocals with a glitch soundscape which sees the boy-boy duo serenade with some divine falsettos hidden behind the undercurrent of sounds. Despite it’s title, the track seems to have you by your throat, you’re left gasping for breath as that wall of beats closes in on you. 

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