Tendencies - Yeah! (feat. SUPERSEX420)

Tanlines - All of Me

The sun is finally shining again in Edmonton and I am hoping that winter is officially finished in my city (I should be careful with saying that because it has snowed in late May before…).  The changing seasons to me always means a shift in musical choices.  Winter brings soft, mellow, and easy-going, whereas summer usually brings high energy and very cheerful music.  Spring and fall? I have no idea.  We kind of skip those seasons up here.

I discovered Tanlines while browsing tumblr recently and decided to give them a listen.  I ran through their album, Mixed Emotions, one morning and loved it.  It’s cheerful, upbeat, and lends itself well to, as usual, chair dancing.  I’m going to take my discovery as the true start to spring (despite what a groundhog may say)

Tanlines is from Brooklyn, New York and they have been around since 2008.  Mixed Emotions was released in 2012 and a new album is expected for 2015.

Hope you all have a wonderful Saturday!