My friend Claire needs help getting funding to continue her bachelors degree.  She is trying to provide free electrolysis (permanent hair removal) to trans people by becoming an electrologist!  Donate here to help her afford higher education.  Share it far and wide, and contribute if you can!

Ladies, DON’T SHAVE THE FACE! Hormonal changes cause hair to grow in mysterious ways. For thick dark hair, LASER HAIR REMOVAL is what I recommend. However, if the hair is baby fine and/or white or if you desire hair removal around the eyes, then you’ll need to see me for ELECTROLYSIS. Curious about the effects of Electrolysis on hair growth? Well, just imagine a fuzz-free you sans the razor bumps 😁. For more info visit my website at www.BeautyandBrowLounge.com #Electrologist #Electrolysis #HairRemoval #LGBT #LGBTElectrologist #FuzzFreeFace (at www.BeautyandBrowLounge.com)

The Laser & Electrolysis Studio based in Austin, TX has the largest collection of laser hair removal video and audio testimonials in the world. With over 35 years of electrolysis and laser hair removal experience.

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Finding an Electrologist

After I was given a referral to Crane for a phalloplasty the After reaching out via Facebook (I have a couple of friends also in the ‘pipeline’ for phalloplasty) I was recommended a local Electrologist.  I have my first appointment on November 28th.

If your hairline is upstaged by “baby hair”, you may want to consider laser hair removal (followed up by Electrolysis for those remaining 5%). Baby hair disrupts the line & creates shadows where you don’t want them. A clean hairline will showcase & properly frame the face without any interference. #LaserHairRemoval #Electrolysis #HairLine #CleanUpTheHairLine #electrologist #CleanHairline #BeautyandBrowGirl #BeautyAndBrowLounge