One of my tables is being sold on a famous New York network of art dealers and socialites.
Here’s the write up:

Custom-made by steel designer John T. Howell, this hand-forged steel table is one of a kind.

The table design is fractal electrilace, evoking the organic dynamics of plant growth flash-frozen in cold steel. This post-industrial, post-modern piece is a unique work of art, and is a must-have for anybody interested in contemporary functional design.

The table stands tall and proud, buttressed by three elegant legs and rising nearly four feet. The firm trunk of the table is a steel fasces: fifteen steel rods bound in unity. At the apex, this industrial constraint is released, and the rods scatter organically in all directions. Weaving their way toward the edge of the tabletop, the rods peel apart and split into branches, like the creeping vines of a spider plant. These fractal branches curl around the edge, and firmly support the fiberglass surface of the table.

This is a beautiful piece, and will fit perfectly in a SoHo-style loft apartment. The table seats three comfortably, and can be used as a kitchen table, a parlor table, or even a standing desk. Because of its unique scale, the table should be partnered with extra tall or adjustable steel stools.

Dimensions: 31” × 31” × 46”

$1200.00 USD
Price is for pick-up in Chinatown (Manhattan). No personal checks, please. Cash or money order OK.