said: “…Hey Naoto, you’re looking…sharp,” he chuckled, “want to be ‘sharp’ together..? I could show you some things, though that is entirely up to you….”

"S-senpai…?" Naoto asks nervously. "W-what do y-you mean-"

She wonders briefly will those powerful legs of his be able to carry her weight, even with a wall to support her back. He’s strong, so strong, and she can easily trace all the muscles he had gained from all the training in the TV World. Just how high is his endurance and how long-

"S-senpai, a fair warning… you sh-shout probably not talk to me for the next f-few hours…" Her face completely red, she tries to hold on tightly to her logical mind, even as it gets broken down bit by bit…

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“Hey, Senpai, you ready to swim yet? C’mon man, everyone’s waitin’. I mean, if you need a hand with sunscreen or something…”

Kanji entered the restroom and regretted it right away.

“NARUKAMI!!!” Kanji looked away. Was he really doing what he thought he was? Maybe he was just checking his equipment for malfunctions. No, it was pretty unlikely he would do that while it was fully—


“Uh, haha, dude. This really ain’t the time for that,” he laughed nervously, trying to say it in the most lighthearted way he could. They were both guys, after all. It was all good, right? Though, seeing him like that was kind of… hot he had to admit.

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❖ "Kiss away Kanji, unless my lips aren't satisfactory."

Another Senpai asking him for a kiss?! It was like he was in heaven tonight.

“S-sure. Probably better than uh, Teddie… little twerp forcin’ himself on me…”

Kanji went in for a kiss. Yu’s lips were more than satisfactory. He wondered if he should try—

“Kanji-kun, I’m home!”


“… Ma???”

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The scene was almost comical when she walked in. Having thoroughly exhausted her mental capacity after the… she lost count, the sheer amount of people that seems to simultaneously think this minute, this hour on this day, this year to explore themselves was truly spectacular.

Too bad Naoto doesn’t really share that opinion, being the one that runs into everyone so far. So in an attempt to take it all in stride, she only find this scene comical because the only thing lacking is a poster of Yosuke-senpai on the wall.

At this point, she had mastered the art of not-really-seeing-anything-anymore and just walked out with a mumbled apology and a resigning ‘not again’…..