“Rather than looking what a collaborator can do or have already done and make a spin-off of that, I like to check possibilities within fields that none of us are familiar with. This type of collaborative environment really opens up new sets of ideas and explorations.”
 ― Anouk Wipprecht


Steam Heat New York Style

Ever wonder about those steam stacks around town or the steam coming out of the sewers?  You’re catching a glimpse of the New York City Steam system that services about 2000 businesses, skyscrapers, and hospitals. The largest such system in the world is run by Con Ed and utilizes over 100 miles of pipes for steam delivery. Uses include heat, sterilization of medical equipment, pressing clothes, and electricity generation. It’s been around since 1882 and currently delivers 24 Billion pounds of steam, all happening beneath the roads and sidewalks of the city. Aside from its practical purposes, steam clouds give the city character and a timeless link to the past.

ITS ALL OVER NOW BABY BLUE 🔵 Our belted 4 button coat is perfect for layering over a suit or wearing it over a sweater with jeans. This piece is made up completely unstructured in our Electric Blue corduroy house cloth. We can make this style from any of our fabrics. It’s one part hitting the town and one part relaxed in the house. (Also pictured: Our speckled silk/cotton tie and white cutaway collar shirt)
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