Will Mitt Romney Run Again?


Mitt Romney say he’s become open again to the idea of running for president in recent days. The reason, they say, is that he sees a weak GOP field. If Romney decides to participate in the elections , he has no chance to win just because  political losers like him are incapable of revenge . Mitt Romney , despite his bloated by some conservative publications rating rotten candidate. He can not offer anything new and qualitatively different from what it offers a choice of 2012, he completely devoid of political imagination.

Imperfection of the system

The American electoral system is older, than the Statue of Liberty on more than half a century. We can repair the Statue of Liberty, but any attempt to fix our electoral legislation is ineffective. Meanwhile, this issue is much more relevant than the restoration of the main symbol of our democracy.
We pay our utility bill or a fine for parking on the internet, but the lists of voters are still often drawn by hand. Confusion of the votes with millions of errors is the result of handwriting conservatism.
We must move away from the practice of electoral wars, that turn elections into a battle between the parties, and provide all citizens, without exception, with the possibility of expression of their will.


As women, and particularly teenage girls, start seeing more women in office, they get a jolt of political ambition. So the solution is for more women to run so that more teenage girls have the desire to run when they’re adults.
—  Historian Nancy Cohen speaks to NPR’s Arun Rath about why women are under-represented in elected office, and why many of the biases we expect don’t actually exist.
In a new study, Duke University researchers Jonathan Mattingly and Christy Vaughn created a random series of North Carolina congressional district maps using the same vote totals from 2012, but with different borders, North Carolina Public Radio reports.

After re-running the election 100 times with a randomly drawn maps, the simulated election results found Democrats winning an average of 7.6 House seats out of 13. In fact, 95% of the random redistricting simulations found Democrats winning between 6 and 9 House seats. These finds are in stark contrast with the 4 Democrats actually elected in the 2012 elections with the same vote counts.

Political Wire, “Study Shows Gerrymandering Distorts Election Results.

America no longer has free and fair elections. We are not as free a people as we’d like to believe.

There’s actually been a little bit of controversy that we’ve been likening the presumptive Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to a slow-talking tortoise man…I want to state for the record, we are not. What we are doing is asserting that Mitch McConnell is literally, biologically, a tortoise. Specifically, a 180 year old living, breathing, giant tortoise of the species Aldabrachelys Gigantea, who has, despite not being indigenous to North America, somehow ascended to a prominent leadership role in the United States Senate. And so, I say to Senator McConnell, kudos.

Reminder: Bachmann Isn't 'Retiring,' She's Leaving Disgraced Amid Criminal Investigations, Unpopularity

Because, as Martin Luther King Jr. said, the moral arc of the universe tends to bend in the direction of justice, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) is finally leaving office. With her, she takes a legacy of incompetence, hatred, and stupidity that may be hard to match.

In a farewell speechon the floor of the House, Bachmann was heavy on references to Moses (“Moses is given for the full honor of the…

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