In American politics, because of the two-party system, you have to choose between the lesser of two evils. Has Secretary Clinton done some really shitty stuff? Yes. As President, will she continue to do some really shitty stuff that you disagree with sometimes? Yes.

But not voting for her because of that is not a statement. Voting for an obscure third-party candidate or abstention from voting at all is not a radical protest against the system or a candidate you don’t 100% agree with: it’s GIVING VOTES TO THE REPUBLICAN PARTY -in this case, a candidate, probably a white guy, who, I can assure you, will be pro-gun, anti-choice, anti-gay, racist, and sexist.

I’m as leftist as the next person, and I’m critical of her too. Should the two-party system be changed? Probably. Should a Republican win the election because Hillary is too neo-liberal or hawkish? NO.

Call Hillary out, but know this: by not voting for her, you’re setting up a Republican victory. And that’s not okay.

For all my non English followers.

Conservative: We’ll screw over the people, we care about money.

Labour: We’ll screw over the economy, we care about people.

Lib dems: We’re both of those yet we’re still pathetic honestly all we do is kiss conservative ass.

UKIP: Get the fuck out of our country you chinks. Woah woah woah, we didn’t say that and I have a beer.

Snp: We’re Scottish and we want a say in your country while we want you out of ours. Why the hell are you calling us hypocrites.

Green: People suck, let’s all be hippies and hug trees.

This is pretty much politics rn…

if democrats don’t vote because they don’t like either option the whole voter turnout will be republican. they don’t care if only 4 people vote if all 4 are republican. hillary is the lesser of two evils. boycotting the election will make things worse for every minority. 

If you want people to vote you need to look at reasons people don’t vote other than moral beliefs or apathy.

You need to make sure people know how to register to vote.

When and where to vote.

What documents they need to bring.

Their rights as a voter.

Give them places to find solid information on who they are voting for.

Try and arrange transport for people who need it to get to their polling place.

Explain what going to vote entails so first time voters have a sense of what voting is like.

Instead of assuming people are going out of their way to not vote, you need to acknowledge that voting is not accessible to many eligible voters.

“i won’t vote for Hillary because i refuse to vote for the lesser of two evils! voting third party is NOT wasting my time, i’m making a difference.

hey, look at that, you were right!