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Dude, honestly I'm so sorry you have to deal with art theft like that :/ As a fellow artist I know how strong the attachment to our pieces are. Please, don't ever give up on art because of art thieves. You're art is wonderful and I'd hate to ever see it go :).... I hope you have a wonderful day...

Hey, thanks for your support! I was really pissed off. Here will be always people like this, and none of the artists shouldn’t give up. It was my first reaction, and now I am more like calm. Thank you! and wish you a nice day.

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Dear person I like,

Dear person I like,

✩ N O T I C E  M E  S E N P A I ✩

well idk if i like him hes just attractive 

man why are you so cute your hair looks so soft and your face looks so smooth and youre just so perf its not fair youre out of my league UR MORE ATTRACTIVE THAN ME /SOBS

youre so sweet and funny and smart 

youre just the total package arent you

i just want to squeeze u forever and style your hair and clothes so that u look like a korean idol and then u can dance for me and ill take pretty pictures of u and hang them on my walls and ceiling bcuz thats how much i love u 

was that too creepy

ok anyway 

theres this other guy thats been with me for a long time

youre so nice to me. youre always there for me. you always listen to my problems and give me advice. youre hilarious. no matter what you say it makes me smile. im just really glad to be your friend. you just literally bring joy to me. youre just so amazing and i wish we could be together.

f u distance (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻ 

i really dont know how i feel yet. were more than friends, but less than a lover, but im ok with that

ok this was kinda pointless because im confused about my emotions but whatever


your kouhai ((((((((-;