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Okay so first of all let me get out of the way the fact that “how dynamic everything looks with the simple ink lines” was, at the time I got this ask, one of the most specific compliments I have ever gotten on my art (and I think it may still be) and I’m very happy with it because the standard compliment I’ve been getting for years that has anything to do with how the style looks is “certainly unique.”  I don’t even know what that means.

Also the long set of tags ladytemeraire wrote on her reblog of the last post actually did influence how these turned out.

Okay!  So Dartz is actually my favorite GenFirst Yugioh villain, as a villain.  (I love all of them, but he scares me the most.)  Most of them are very personal, with sympathetic goals, or they’re Zorc (who, you know, is an eldritch abomination.) 

And then there’s Dartz, who basically starts his own little cult and can smooth-talk your head into the most twisted things while making them sound quite reasonable and logical.  (That doesn’t mean Alister’s not still arguing inside his own head.)  He’s terrible and horrifying, and I love him.

And Alister’s coat is my favorite coat in basically all of Yugioh.  It’s black.  It has those strappy things everywhere.  It’s black. I want it desperately.

Here’s the tag!

morn-of-the-eldritch-pariah asked you: Um if it’s not too much to ask, I kind of want to do a Dave x Dave fancy dreamer set and I was wondering if you could do like a quick lazy sketch to give the general idea of a damaged fancy dreamer Dave like you did with Aradia so I could be fancy dreamer dead Dave. If that’s not a bother.

Thank you for asking so nicely, haha! I thought this was a cool idea, and I had a lot of fun drawing it, so here’s fancy dream Dave (dead version)!

Believe in the unnatural

Science will tell you that fey creatures cannot exist, have never stalked your path, gulping when your heart contracts, exhaling when it expands.

Science learns new things about itself daily, and will be the first to say, “Look at this math, it proves a thing. We don’t know why or how just yet. But we will. Isn’t that beautiful?”

And it is beautiful.

Do not blame science for it’s sharp teeth — science is not the opposite of the fey, of the arcane, of the eldritch. It is young and still finding it’s way. There are enemies that pounced upon it continuously, that still yet lurk in it’s wake.

Science is not our enemy.

Believe in the unnatural world and explore it. Believe in the physical world and explore it, too.