Gender inequality doesn’t end at the workplace. For many women, the gender gap haunts them well into their retirement years, when far more women find themselves living in poverty.

On average, women 65 years and older rely on a median income of around $16,000 a year — roughly $11,000 less than men of the same age, according to a Congressional analysis of Census data. And many elderly women rely exclusively on Social Security benefits.

The problem: Women earn — and save — less over their lifetimes than men, leaving them with a smaller nest egg. And because they tend to live longer, that savings has to last longer, too.


LOL is this gonna be our generation when we are older?


A grandiose fuck-ton of elderly human references.

Remember that, when drawing someone who’s elderly, s/he may be more muscular than you’d expect because, depending on their daily routine, they’ve had a longer time to build up muscle during active labour. If they’re a sit-at-home kind of person, then I suppose they’ll be kinda thin/pudgy and frail. Otherwise, there’ll be some obvious muscular definition like in the above images.

(As a side note; for the long image, you gotta reverse-image search it to read the text, ‘cause tumblr sucks and doesn’t have a magnification tool.)

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I thought I’d share this because it’s rad

These are the Golden Oldies, a Dutch choir of people aged 75-100 singing Seven Nation Army

Old people rock!


Workshop inspired kitchen is a universal design for the disabled & elderly

This universality is expressed with features like a pegboard-like backboard that allows for plates, kitchen tools and utensils to be hung and organized within sight and easy reach, and a height-adjustable countertop that boasts a bevy of milled grooves that act as sink, storage and convenient pull-out container for grated foods.

Image description: Three photos of a butcher block kitchen station with universal design. The first photo shows the two-piece stand from afar; the second shows a close up of carrot-grating, and the third shows the extendable hose.