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So I’m officially working on a mod for Skyrim that rebuilds Thorin’s Halls in the Blue Mountains, pre quest, aka including Dís, the boys, Thorin himself, the company members etc etc. … any gamers around that would like to help/test/whatever?

Video Game Composers Honored in Classic FM Hall of Fame

Video game music has steadily been rising to prominence over the last decade, but this year, it’s made a tremendous mark in the realm of orchestral and classical music, as shown by various game music composers successfully entering the Classic FM Hall of Fame.

Give it a look!


youdeniedmyhappiness replied to your post: “oh ok i see the confusion, azzy says himself that the elder gods rest…”:

((wait… nieces? are you referring to the mouthpieces because like… the elder gods are all sisters (terrible reading abilities go) ))

When I’m talking about “Mah’s nieces”, I’m talking about the Elder Eggs currently incubating in Gielinor’s Elder Halls. They’re part of the next generation, and therefore it makes sense (to me at least) to use a familial term that indicates the more indirect connection.

marikmarik asked:

RSOF is full of awful people. Lore forum is especially a hot pocket of them. But Jmods do look at it. And if they haven't completely drafted how they expect Mahjarrat breeding to work, they may use some of your near-canon. I suggest, at the very least, put it in a thread and leave it be.

[this is related to my runescape blog errandpointcape, i don’t know why my main is answering this]

Yeah that’s a good point, I’ll do that

… Probably after I reply to the “Rune Essence Mine = Elder Halls?“ thread, though. I have half a bajillion tabs open and am composing a multi-part reply in Notepad++ because I MUST SOURCE ALL THE THINGS.