hard elcor porn
  • elcor 1:seductively. come here you foxy thing.
  • elcor 2:hesitant but longingly. this is all very sudden. maybe we should take things slow.
  • elcor 1:with loving passion. youre the only one for me. our attraction is greater than the gravitational pull of dekuuna.
  • elcor 2:sexily. okay

More babbus and just to change things up a little there is also a daddus Garrus probably giving some sort of uncomfortable talk or another.

Probably something about the great Shepherds of the past living on as the stars and don’t go playing in the Elcor graveyard and if Uncle Grunt asks you to wait for a surprise in he’s arranged in the gorge DON’T, etc.

Things I want to see in the next Mass Effect

-Ridiculously detailed character creation.
-Ridiculously detailed armor and weapon customization.
-Female Turians.
-Female Drell.
-More Krogans.
-Ship customization.
-More Elcor and Hanar in important roles.
-A Volus squadmate.
-Squadmate leveling and class-change akin to Fire Emblem
-Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer classes available for single-player.
-Lots of story content to match the size of the world.
-Melee centric classes.
-No more Reapers.