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Isaiah (ID-YA) Watts is a producer/rapper, who was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico (USA).

He began making music in 2007 with his fellow rapper/producer Derick Moyer and in 2012 he started making beats.

By his own words, “I was inspired by artists like Curren$y, Nas, Ab-Soul, Kendrick lamar and producers like J-Dilla, 9th Wonder, Harry Fraud, and Hit Boy”, and all these influences have served to cook a very nice product through a blend of styles always connected by an electronic link.

Smooth waves, voices from heaven with dope reverbs and deep rhythm with cool breaks of drums beyond the standard marked by the classic hip hop are going to make you chill.

Enjoy man!

https://soundcloud.com/isaiah-watts https://www.youtube.com/user/sksvision


Isaiah (ID-YA) Watts es un productor/rapero nacido y criado en Albuquerque, Nuevo México (EE.UU.).

Sus primeros escarceos en el mundo de la música fueron en 2007 de la mano del también rapero y productor Derick Moyer, hasta que en 2012 comenzó a hacer beats.

Habla de sus inspiraciones a través de artistas y nos cuenta por sus propias palabras “Me inspiré en artistas como Curren$y, Nas, Ab-Soul, Kendrick lamar and producers like J-Dilla, 9th Wonder, Harry Fraud, and Hit Boy”. Todas estas influencias han servido para cocinar un muy buen producto a través de una mezcla de estilos siempre conectados mediante un nexo electrónico.

Pads suaves, voces celestiales con profundos reverbs y un ritmo profundo con breaks en baterías más allá del estándar marcado por el hip hop clásico.

Disfruten este genial y embriagador set.

It is rare for me to hear such a new, fresh fusion sound. I love the mixture of electronic music with such a soulful voice and such deep lyrics. The intro really rocks and I love the synthesizer sounds straight away. It really establishes a good vibe that sets up the song. The vocal melody is very catchy and easy to remember. But what I love best about Heiress To Atlas is the outstanding voice, she effortlessly reaches those higher notes and there is definitely a lot of passion in her voice. Not only that, the lyrics are also really well written, and the quality of the song is top notch!

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With the funky smooth swagger of Prince, the grand melodies of Twin Shadow, and the snappy groove of Blood Orange comes Madaila, a Vermont based project led by Mark Daly, formerly the frontman of Chamberlin. Madaila will be releasing their debut album The Dance on March 17th. From the record comes this luscious single, I Know, a tightly strung and infectious electro-R&B song with the liveliness of a dance pop jam.

Seductive San Francisco electronic pop and R&B act 8th Grader recently gave us a single named Morro Bae, and yesterday saw the release of a killer remix EP full of sizzling hot tracks. Canadian producer JNL’s intoxicating remix is a steamy synthfunk and chic nu-disco version that takes the track to Prince meets Justice and Daft Punk electro house territory. For another terrific remix off the EP, stream San Francisco producer MyKill’s remix of Morro Bae below. He takes the bae on a balmy summer vacation with a much deeper house bounce and an abundance of neon lit funky swag. Head over to soundcloud to listen to the full remix pack, including many more stellar edits by Kue, Party Ben, and MILK parade (aka Keith Walker, who previously collaborated with MyKill on some fantastic tunes). Oh, and get ready to dance.