more late night fun with meeeee

so i found a project for our civics class where we had to choose between three goverment types democracy, monarchy, and dictatorship

i choose a fucking dictaroship and i think one of the questions was ur people were gonna get along and shit and i was just like and i quote “i would just force them to” pls elcet me for president

also in my country u gotta fuckin watch invader zim 3xs a day thats a fucking law 

also i chose a dictarotship bc it would be a lot easier to control what my people are doing 

i was a fucking riot as a kid like holy shit

PHOTOS: Buhari Meets British Prime Minister David Cameron In UK...

PHOTOS: Buhari Meets British Prime Minister David Cameron In UK…

Garba Shehu, Directorate of Media & Publicity, President-elect Muhammadu Buhari Media Team released a statement yesterday that the President-elcet Muhammadu Buhari’s well publicised trip to the UK, his first such trip outside the country since winning the March 28th presidential election was a private one.

Well, not so private, as we now know that he has met with the British Prime Minister, David…

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