Gem Hunter Connie

An AU headcanon of Steven Universe where Steven dies as a result of a reckless act involving his powers and Connie grows up blaming the Gems for making him push himself so hard to become of them. 

I felt Lion and Connie do share a connection through Steven in the show, so he would follow her in the end rather than the Gems…. or maybe those crystals on their heads have something to do with it.

Misinformation Pat, who is as short in stature as he is in temper, can be seen wandering around Drangleic (sometimes in the company of dirty dung pie stealing Woolsworth) with a perpetual scowl and spear in hand. He is known to give the player information and helpful tips, usually ending his sentences in “you know what I mean?”.

Beware the information he gives isn’t always true which may lead you to an untimely death.