Lionel Messi, wearing a short sleeved T-shirt in Tuesday’s press conference, revealed his new tattoo in all its splendour. His right arm has previously been hidden by the undershirts he wears, but the increases in temperature have revealed more of his new design.

“ Messi’s right elbow tattoo isn’t done. It’s a window to symbolize La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.He can play where he wants but loves Barcelon.When talking to him, you can tell he’s proud of where he is.Messi wants a watch tattoo to symbolize time and a Lotus flower for its meaning.”- Roberto López ( tattoo artist) “

vladimir-sterling asked:

Vladimir walked in the classroom wearing black ripped skinny jeans, a black button up shirt, a black best with red designs on it and a red tie. The sleeves come down to his elbows which revealed black tattoos all down his arms. His black hair swept to the side. His dark red eyes with a pentagram in one eye and a black cross in the other. He had fingerless gloves on. "Good morning class. I hear we have a new student. Please stand" he said in a dark tone"

Harry then walked in the class. He had his ram horns sticking out pure white again the black. His blue stuck out against his pale skin. He wore an open white top with tight jeans and black shoes. He had a necklace and a couple bracelets. He walked to the front of class and crossed his arms.