Eleanor and Park

Some books give you that rare, greedy feeling of ‘I mustn’t finish this fast, but I really want to, but then it will be over’. At first, this book didn’t. Soon, it did. Eleanor and Park is about love, about Eleanor, and Park. But it is also about parents, about high school, about light, and about darkness. 

The plot is nothing short of riveting, and keeps you wanting more until you turn the last page, confused as to what to do with your life anymore. Don’t be fooled by the cutesy cover, it is a tale of poignancy, romance, and life as a whole. Though it seems unrealistic at times, it is relatable, by those in love, both with a person, and those with the idea of love. I would recommend it to those who wanting a book that will find its way to their hearts and make it it’s residence. Read it, you won’t regret it.